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To "Russ Hayden, A.K.A CribBoss" After Many, Many hours of data-mining and harvesting, the exact truth has been revealed. Let it be known I do not have 1 political bone in my body, this was never, never about politics - This was about Bill Talley and his supporters.

As stated, Many hours of data-mining.

You have come out clean, completely to where I am embarrassed. That I have jumped the gun so easily on those I thought were actively (Not previously, currently) supporting William G. Talley with any form "Money, BitCoin, Financial aid, Mental Health Aid, Physical Aid and anything In-between that I could locate".

As such, there was nothing. Once Bill Talley was Out-ed It seems your entire support towards him, as a person, disappeared.

The Initial search began 2 nights ago, and was continuous on another machine harvesting public records and public areas for data using specific keywords, meta-tags and other sources of data.

To Russ Hayden, CribBoss:

For spamming #LibCrib, I am sorry. I honestly am sorry, and please, favorite this, screen shot it, take photos. I have wronged the right, Instead of the wrong.

To the users of #LibCrib

For spamming random bouts of Information, spamming In general, I am sorry to all of you. For Interrupting normalcy of your organized chats.


To Russ Hayden personally:

I am deeply sorry for the anguish, Irreversible damage and "tweets, posts, mentions and spying". And as such, I will be De-activating my account for 2 weeks. (All of them) today, soon after I get in contact with family and let them know.

Though this does not seem to be punishment for something that has no punishment to, It will remove my ability to communicate with friends and family for 2 weeks, which I do on a regular basis.

And being disabled physically for severe pain, this places a massive damper on my family life for a while, and places me in pain to see my family.
(You can find that information on my YouTube, it is the truth - (Movement causes me severe pain for hours)

There is not 1 shred of evidence pointing to you as supporting William G. Talley, and as stated, I jumped the Gun on who to place Blame on.


To the public of any followers

There is nothing I can say other than "I am sorry, I am", for the actions I took between 5/6/13 and 5/9/13.

And to you all above, I am honestly sorry. Forgiveness is not expected, nor is forgetting or wiping it away. As stated I will leave my twitter open for a while, and deactivate it at exactly 11PM

To UniteBlue members, Board members, Founders

There is only two of you that I blame, but this is for a separate reason. Out of the things that I have found they do not tie with William G. Talley except for a few Instances where people were being human, and nothing else.

There is 1 thing I must keep secret, and since I revealed it myself, I will not openly reveal it to the public. What I revealed is not Illegal, so UniteBlue and members do not fear this area of the post at all.


On a personal note:

As stated I am not political, I am honestly not a hacker, I am not a cracker or exploiter. I am however a webmaster which is how I was able to find four things, that are being kept secret


To those that will re-tweet, favorite, and pass along, please do. Unite-blue deserves this letter, and it deserves it on a more massive scale.


To everyone who wishes to troll me for my fore-mentioned actions prior to this message: I urge you to not. As Russ Hayden urged me to not step forward, though I did, I have learned the hard way. Though I expect it, as it is an every-day occurrence In today's society.


To those of you that will read the Re-tweets, or Re-posts and wish to express opinions, please by all means, that is your right.


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