We all have that person that inspires us weather its a actor/actress/singer/band/ or dancer and in my case its a dancer. Nick is my inspiration for a alot of reason.

I'm a dancer like Nick I'm not the most confident girl in the world and people still bring me down. I get a lot of crap for being a dancer. Basically I get bullied all the time in school and outside of school. The first time I seen Nick dance I fell in love. I've been here from the VERY start. Pretty much all of you will get to meet him and the other boyz but I wont because i'm from Scotland :(.

I'd love to be able to take a class with Nick but thats most likely not going to happen. Theres so many reasons why Nick is my inspiration. He makes me believe in my self alot. I've wanted to quite dancing so many times ( being dyslexic dont help either ) but you know whats made me keep at it is .. NICK has. Theres this quote Nick says and its

" success only happens after failed attempts "

that is so true becuase I've failed so many times its unreal but if you keep trying you'll get it. I self harm for alot of reasons. I may as well ot hide it as alot of people already know. I'm inscure about ALOT of things aswell. People say i'm beautiful all the time but I dont believe them. About a year and a half ago I started to self harm and stuff. Now its getting worse and I'm pretty much depressed, i'm getting checked for it soon.

Resently I've been getting ALOT of hate on ask.fm for trying to get Nick to notice me I dont have a clue why though. On friday I posted my ask.fm link and I started to get ALOT of hate, I was really confused and it hurt me alot with everything I'm already going through. I started to get called

" ugly "
" bitch "
" whore "
" attention freak "
" fat ugly mess "

THEY HAVE EVEN TOLD ME NICK HATES ME. You know that hurts so much when someone tells you that your inspiration wants you to DIE AND HATES YOU. But I know he doesnt cause he doesnt know I exsist. They started to bring my self harming into it calling me a freak for doing it. Then they brung my mum into it saying she wants me to die. They told me to commit suicide and I very nearly did. I just want Nick to see this because these people that are hating on me claim to love Nick and be a fan of this, but see too be honest I really dont think Nick would be happy about people hating on one of his fans.

look at my ask.fm to see the sort of stuff I've been getting : http://ask.fm/iconicscotland ..

there are quite a few people that have supported me through this so I want to thank you for it .. you all know who you are <3

@therealnickmara i just wanna thank you for being there when you dont even know it. Your the reason I'm trying to be strong.


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