Psychological Operations intelligence generally comes from the top down. (Eg; the CIA) That intel then spreads to various propaganda teams (and possibly ends up on TV shows, in the movies, or in the newspapers etc).
I know I saw the 'pan #ELF' codes. I know what my symptoms are and have been. I (now) know I was dealing with some "dodgy" (for want of a better word) people thru twitter, based on consistent evidence going back 18 months. I know they purposefully fuck with peoples heads, thru open admissions by some of the people themselves. I know this has an Exopolitical and Masonic under-current that is either intended as part of a psyop, or is actually part of the truth behind the whole thing. (This brainwash program/psyop had a "masonic" undertone that was along the lines of the basic lower degrees of the more well known societies (around 50% of which I believe to be disinfo) which I have mentioned previously in other tweets. I will continue to research this subject (outside of the psyop) out of personal interest.

I believe that the torture and psychological experiment I was put under (from 2012 til...ongoing) was intended to break down my rational thought process to cause extreme cognitive dissonance (which is known to disrupt regular thought patterns & behaviours, can cause visions and dream like "inception" episodes, and is also documented as a possible cause in the explanation of interdimensional alien contactee/abduction case studies), in order to extrapolate this intelligence (and various other forms of my own personal programming/intelligence eg: names/numbers/semantics/personal symbolic perceptions etc) from me to use in the ways described. [Overlayed with an attempted mind wipe/suicide bomber assimilation encodement program to finish me off before I could ever find out what was really going on = #Fail]
[The TV show previously mentioned (which aired from Sept 2013 on UK TV - BBC 3) is Canadian. The ex Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer seems to be big on working towards disclosure within the exopolitical arena. #JS]

And I've said before, and will say again - the CIA, NSA, GCHQ and other intelligence agencies/departments are either incompetent or complicit in all of this.

[I don't know if propaganda people/researchers freelance (under their own agendas), or whether companies/agencies such as those named above have ordered/are carrying out these "experiments", and sharing knowledge/research with each other. IE; We are not entirely sure if this project/research was carried out/ordered or even known about by the various companies/agencies mentioned. It is possible that the acts of torture (+ several other seriously illegal activities, see; international human rights; subliminal messaging (UK law); terrorism (the systematic use of terror as a means of coercion), (among the many other things)), was carried out by a particular group who act as individuals (within their own circle). It may be that these people simply sell peoples information to or freelance for propaganda teams (?) or "pass on" information claiming to be their own. (Whilst attempting to torture their victims).]

[Until a satisfactory conclusion is reached, the research and updates into this case will continue].

Again, for any NSA, FBI, CIA, GCHQ, "Cyber-police", MoD, masons, Psyops/propaganda teams/agencies, companies or any other persons involved should they wish to contact me at this point, please feel free to do so. :)

[Other Notes:
1.) The 'Cyber Circle' regarding the "elf" codes and also the 'subset' groups that use the fear/dissociation techniques use a Masonic code system in order to talk to each other/pass on info. (Eg; My names or those of my children). The people within the 'subset' groups also use obvious psychic driving (what is essentially branding the mind) techniques, along with the use of repeated semantic placing, the dissociation methods mentioned, and the use of subliminal videos, and other methods described. Im not sure if any of these people work for the companies/agencies involved that are mentioned, or are just terrorists/hackers/internet freaks. (But the crazy train orphan black thing is too much of a coincidence for me, (plus to an outsider terrorism and propaganda go hand in hand)).
2.) (The Exo stuff is nuts. Believe me I know. As a spiritualist I've had lots of spooky episodes but nothing like those I associate with this stuff). If what happened in 2002 (and still continues with the time traveller) was/is real, or if it was/is some kind of weird space-time prophetic warning, or just a very coincidental figment of my imagination, or a severe brainwash symptom that somehow relayed information backwards thru my memory, is all up for debate, which is ok with me. (Tho I personally feel that 'M' is as real as I am).
3.) Regarding the "technology" used under the time perception/temporal illusion/virtual experiments (and causing the (what I believe to be) "synthetic" exo experience's (for me since 2012))... One look at James Holmes says this science, maybe, is dangerous, and is also being used for acts of terrorism, (innocently or intentionally). On the good side for medical and future technology, plus the understanding of exopsychology (and possibly explaining other "weird" phenomena), I think it is important, but I would rather see it under control by people who actually understand it.
4.) As far as Im aware the quiet "weapons" used were as mentioned previously. However the possibility that some kind of 'Direct Energy Weapon' was tested/used is also a possibility, due to the symptoms around the head (as described previously: it felt like surveying equipment had points aimed at my head) and the electric "energy"/vibrating feeling over my body that was/is extremely intense and unpleasant].
[However, I know enough to know (and the evidence that I have highly suggests) that the things Im talking about are not just "coincidence's"]

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