#Exopolitics #Synthetic/#Forced (?) #Aliens #ExoPsychology #Hyperdimensionals [During the height of the brainwash/psyop I experienced in 2012/2013]
1.) (#Reptilians) I had a few strange visions of various "typical" green humanoid reptilians, some evil, some nice. Mainly during the 'almost asleep' point at night, which felt at the time like 'forced' meditations, OOBE's or astral abductions/projections (tho subconsciously I was in full control of myself) --> #Reptilians - 1: Was very subtle much like a meditation, but with no outside influence or trigger from myself. It felt chronologically and spatially "further away" than the other experiences described here. A nice Reptilian (female - biological scientist of some description) spoke to me about a planet that belongs to them and dealings they've had with humans, pertaining to intelligence and secret wars. She told me things regarding their beliefs (which are what we would consider to be spiritual and slightly transhuman, (but obviously not to a reptilian, who is beyond the realms of present human technology and seem to have bypassed the "cyborg" implications)). She told me some history and general stuff like that, along with a fear she had of her species being tortured somewhere down the line (by humans). She wanted to share the fact that some Reptilians know how to heal using natural planet energies in the same way healing crystals are used here on earth by spiritualists and other energy healers, tho Reptilians have developed technology in which to perform this. Her characteristics were very human-like, mischievous but lovely, tho seemed overly worried. She was extremely honest regarding a subset of her species that evolved an evil/sly characteristic, tho this was a later genus within the species and not related to her biological family line. (IE; this new DNA strain had not been mixed within her family biology before the breakup of her species to various other places in the universe, where further evolution has probably taken place). These aliens are one of the oldest races that have had a biological ("physical") appearance within the universe, and that are still alive. They also have access to multi-dimensions in the same way the human consciousness do, tho it is more naturally accessible to Reptilians simply due to a longer evolution (there species is around twice as old as any multi-cell biological lifeforms that have been found on earth). This particular experience was not unpleasant in any way and was relayed primarily via a meditative state (on around 3 occasions) thru the same female, humanoid extradimensional Reptilian (green, scaly, two legs, not offensive aesthetically or vibrationally). #Reptilians - 2: I was 'suddenly' in an underground tunnel or bunker of some description, made of concrete or carved from stone, (it was too dark for me to tell for sure). There were pipes and the sound of dripping/leaking water, and several Reptilians were in restraints. One particular Reptilian looked up to face me. Its eyes were what I can only describe as, full of blood (extreme blood shot overlaying any actual eye), and I had an overwhelming feeling that biological experiments were being carried out on these beings. Directly it seemed psychotically pissed off, tho I felt it had been engineered/genetically mutated/altered to be that way. An inner (or higher) feeling was that it was crying out for help within the situation, but had been altered to only transmit violent characteristics (seemingly within what we'd consider to be an extreme secret super soldier program). #Reptilians - 3: at one point (when almost asleep), I found myself suddenly on a space ship, chained to a wall (which I felt was for their safety as opposed to my imprisonment), a male Reptilian came to take me somewhere, I hacked it to pieces with a strategically placed 'in case of emergency' alien axe thing, (out of defence/fear that I'd been abducted) and broke the chains, then a strange cable/cord device appeared attached to me from another area within the ship, which I cut, which in turn affected (what felt like) gravity, and floated me back into my RL state in my bedroom.
2.) (#Greys) I also had (twice) what appeared to be a grey alien visitation. It was trying to examine me in some way, like it thought I just wouldn't mind. On the first occasion (which was accompanied by a strange smell) I freaked & it seemed scared & went away. I could feel this energetically, the only way in which I have found to describe it is like the "eww" feeling one gets naturally from a slug (imagine the way a slug sticks to the skin in a sponge like fashion, with slimy "eww" movements), which came in on one side of my body before I freaked out. This entity seemed to be coming from around/outside of me. (IE; not as within meditation). At the second visitation i was lying on my bed & felt it feeling my legs, like it was interested in what I was made of/what I felt like, or something? Again I freaked out and it went away. They seemed to be observers/information seekers, highly telepathic (within natural cognition), tho with no spiritual insight or "higher" attunement to natural metaphysical energies. IE; they had no sign of empathy or emotional quota at all, and seemed shocked by my reaction in that capacity. (They don't seem to understand the idea of personal space/energy being an intimate thing). They seem threatening in this way of "invasion", tho they seem more scared in comparison to my reactions.
3.) (Dream #Demons (?)) One morning I had a strange episode where I woke myself up shouting numbers, sat up, then the dream I was having seemed to carry on in my bedroom, while i was awake. There were 2, what looked like half dead, almost skeletal, with white 'sunken' skin (like that of a corpse) and small sunken black eyes, dressed in black, and carrying silver swords (pirate type things was the vibe I felt), and were there to "kill" me. (I feel this incident was my minds way of throwing out what made no sense to my subconscious, as a result of dissociation/brainwash and imagery bombardment affecting sleep and dream patterns (I do not normally have dreams of this nature).

Tho these cases seemed real at the time of occurring IE; interactive within extremes above hallucination, I discount them as real 'alien' or 'genuine' experiences due to the way in which they were created/forced within a 'brainwash' program that is used to disseminate false information (or to create fear for further victimization in the case of sex abuse or other forms of mental slavery, such as those used within cults).

[Repeated - I personally count *none* of the experiences in the above list as reliable information into true exo events, due to the way in which they were synthetically forced].


#Exopolitics #ExoReality #Interdimensionals
[[PLEASE NOTE: I feel one of the reasons I was targeted by these people for this "brainwash/psyop" is because they were interested in the (what I consider to be) 'real' metaphysical beings Ive had visitations with since 2002. One is (or has always appeared to be) human (I call him 'M') who can travel thru time/space/dimensional spectrums (as a spiritualist I'd describe the form he takes as much like a guardian angel or ascended master (tho not like any other spiritual guide I have, he is special in that his energy/body can at times be fully visible, at times I can 'physically' feel him, and he tells me things that *actually* happen). On that note and within a scientific outlook (and based on conversations/information I've shared with him) I'd say he was a timetraveller using technology linked to interdimensional "energy spectrums" (much like "stargate" combined with a natural energy teleport device)).
There is also another 'being'... a blue-light, lifeform "thing", with a smiley face, horns and bad intentions. This first visited me in 2002/2003, and stuck around for approx 3 months.
[I still get regular visits from M, and the blue thing is (I feel) still hanging around at times. I will refer to these (beings + pre-2012) visitations more in separate tweets (for anyone interested) as I do not believe they are related in anyway to anything that has happened during this psyop (which began when I first got access to the internet in 2012).]
Feel free to ask or offer opinion/advice regarding anything here]] :)

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