#CyberCircle [subset 5] [subset 6] and [subset 7]

[subset 5] The Psychotic Robo-Accounts. (because I don't know what else to call them)...
These are either people with too much time on their hands, a version of the Turing Test gone drastically wrong, or accounts involved in some kind of social engineering/psyop. These people (?) are certainly where the crazy is at. They are either socially inept (linguistically speaking) or they were raised in the wilds of silicon valley, by killer cyborgs. Tho I personally believe these people are experimenting with graphemes, semantics, encodement of information, behavioural reactions etc. This could be (and occasionally appears to be) performed by some kind of social engineering computer technology (and is literally like having a conversation with a robot). Characteristics; They talk like robots, sometimes devoid of any natural human feeling or reaction at all, seem overly angry or sad by stupidly trivial things, and occasionally being way too random. (These accounts do appear to have people behind them/controlling them, the robotic nature may be another way in which to mask ones true intentions). By robotic I mean these people cannot form a "non-linear" 'human' sentence, it appears as a string of programmed answers with intended drops in areas of punctuation/removal of graphemes within certain places/following a certain set of semantics/linguistic patterns etc (As opposed to observing a human mind in progress, which even if dyslexic in written form, would still appear human via technology). This I believe is another way to fulfil psychological encodement of information for purposes of the various forms of mind control here mentioned, along with the intended confusion within dissociation techniques and therefore I believe the people behind these (what seems to be (inter-changeable-y human)) "Robot-Accounts" to be a fairly dangerous fragment within this cyber circle.

[subset 6] The social engineers, other questioners and occasional "pop ups"...
who appear sporadically to ask for personal opinions on (weird) things, or to 'mildly' troll you in the silent ways described within the other subsets. They are not threatening on their own or as a subset group, with no particular characteristics other than these, tho they generally 'appear' to be friendly.

[subset 7] Unknown hackers... Crypto geniuses due to technological advancement. Involved in my case in regards to the hacking of my communications, the passing on and planting of certain subliminal videos within my searches and accounts, and the use of ELF (extremely low frequency/silent sound) sent thru my audio/speakers/video links (Something only a hacker can achieve).

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