#CyberCircle [subset 1] and [subset 2]

#CyberCircle [subset 1] - (fake) #Illuminati (I have mentioned them before, they act as tho they are mind control victims, or a mind control assassin, or some kind of cointelpro-school dropout). [And not to be confused with "gang stalkers" (who actually do share intelligence with groups like cointelpro/FBI/CIA (mostly found in USA), and are probably a lot more intelligent and scary. Also not to be confused with real "Monarch Mind Control" victims or "Assassins" who generally accept a given program and don't really talk about it openly whilst under it].
The (Fake) illuminati [subset 1] basically pretend to be the "illuminati", generally in the context we find in Hollywood and conspiracy theories, (Ie; the disinfo entertainment version). These people are easily spotted by phrases such as "I come from a family of shapeshifters" or "I went to Illuminati school as a child", or the putting out of disinfo on a regular basis, eg; bible verses that dont exist, or things like masonry, religion, aliens, DNA and history, but with no academic evidence or logic to back up what they say, the majority being cointelpro style disinfo or the worst kind of pseudoscience. Most of what they do say is specifically designed to dissociate the victim, and they often act overly dramatic, emotionally unstable, or, for want of a better phrase, like bouncing crack heads. They use very simple (& easily spottable) bombardment techniques, including things like gaslighting, along with general psychological/emotional manipulation (Ie: acting like a victim whilst using these same techniques against someone else), and a process unique to Twitter in which they'll Retweet your post then slag you off/threaten you etc in subtweets (sometimes obviously, sometimes using the dissociation techniques described here). They generally seem to have their own personal agendas (along with the fun they have harassing people in this way), towards money, or an ego trip.
These people 'act' as brain wash victims that instead of going into survival mode, accept the program and become a cog in a system of evil illuminati retards. Characteristics; they appear to be working 'alone', (for effect) and often like to appear crazy or 'psychotically over-dramatic' (as a means of diversion). They are also noticeable tied in with above when they do not form a sentence correctly or use punctuation etc (this in regards to the psychological encoding of information I'll be referring to). The particular group I have been looking into seem to believe/imply they have special (god given) privilege over everyone else, or are part of the CIA (although its blatantly obvious to me that they are not, and for so many more reasons other than those listed here). Another thing some of them openly refer to themselves as is "grid keepers". This is a reference to masonic grid and code. (And also where people such as lightworkers might get mixed up and enticed thru subset groups such as the GFOL-bots [subset 4]). These are generally people who know a little about cointelpro and basic mind control techniques (such as psychic driving + the lower degrees of masonic codework and believe they have a right to practice those techniques (very badly (on whomever they choose)). There are some also that continuously delete their tweets after obvious targetted attacks on others (Eg; after tweeting that their victims should go and drink bleach). I refer to them as 'fake' because they "act" as single cells, as either plants/shills, or in order to carry out their personal agendas. (Most real Mind Control victims have no personal agendas after being broken down within the monarch programs)
These fake illuminati retards are a subset within a circle of cyber (terrorists +) "bullies" that use diversary tactics (+ masonic intimidation) to cause dissociation or breakdown of normal thoughts and behaviours, and make you believe they work for the government/intelligence community in order to fulfil their agendas.

#CyberCircle #SexMindControl [Subset 2] [Who are normally found hiding behind subset 1].
The Cyber sex mind control Circle [subset 2] is slightly more subtle than subset-1 in its attempts to use bombardment techniques, however they do work within the same groups (and in some cases a particular individual may act within all of these subsets). This subset is slightly more sophisticated than subset-1, (in that it knows what its looking for and has an idea of what specific encoding of information looks like) but is still very obvious, sticking to the traditional methods of  *Prime-Trigger-Alice* programming but with a consistent underlying carnal theme in regards to sexual freedom, and using terms such as "creation energy" (IE; this is neurotheologically acceptable, but it is also psychologically sexual in nature, leading to a philosophical/open minded state, but with the consistent implanting of sexual context and repeated triggers (whether the victim is aware of it or not)), along with occasionally dropping open statements pertaining to involvement in incest, or child sex abuse. [I have been advised not to reveal too much of the way this works on the open internet because of the possible connection in RL these people have to pedophilia]. I have witnessed and evidenced people I follow on Twitter who consistently use these techniques, one of whom (to give a brief description of one case mentioned above) tweeted that those being victimized by cyber circles should go and drink bleach (this I assume was a reference to Amanda Todd, an underage girl who drank bleach after taking nude images of herself to send to a guy she thought she liked on the internet, only to then be sexually harassed and cyber stalked, bullied and for the pics to be spread to people she knew and various internet sites. She eventually took her own life in Oct 2012 after sharing her story via a YouTube video).

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