#BB15 my open twitletter to @ginamariez:
being one of the few non Caucasian houseguests to play the game, I am deeply offended by your racist comments, bigotry and below the belt personal attacks you displayed.

i felt your comments came from a place of hate and ignorance and you were an embarrassment to not only yourself, but to the entire bb community. the things you said had nothing to do with game play but everything to do with how you look at other cultures besides your own.

i'll admit, in retaliation I said some pretty mean things about you this summer because I felt you deserved to be disrespected as I felt disrespected by you. I'm willing to own my faults but for some reason you can't own up to yours.

for example, i made the hashtag, #GinaMaRacist, talked about your bulimia (hope you get help), your lack of education and inability to be articulate, how you are 34 and still rocking a tongue ring, etc. however, two wrongs don't make a right...

so with that said, my apologies... about the bulimia... everything else I'm not really sorry for becauae I'm just not... (yeah, I'm real like that)

anyway, I really feel sorry for you and throughout all of this fuckery and foolishnes I really hope you look back and learn from this. I know you are 34 and supposed to be a grown ass woman and some people including myself think that you should know better by now. hell, we all still have learning to do but some things are just plain common sense.

this has definitely been the season of apologies. your half hearted apology and logic behind using the term "nigger" as loosely as you have will never sit well with me. you have no idea what its like to be called that word but I'm sure you know what its like to call someone it.

what pisses me off is that my grandparents walked through those times where they were ostracized for being black and called all kinds of niggers by white people like you.

while on the other hand, I'm sure your parents and grandparents have discounted blacks and other non whites back in the day and probably still do that today behind closed doors. its 2013 and its a shame that your thought process hasn't evolved.

NEWSFLASH: we aren't going anywhere...

you can't possibly be surprised at all of the backlash you are receiving when you make fun of someone's child by calling them a "little spanish Puerto Rican monkey", or making fun of asians because of how they look. that's not gameplay. that's not big brother.

people say some fucked up shit in that house but you really said some fucked. up. shit!

you better thank editing for giving you a spectacular edit by making aaryn the racist spokesperson because the true bb fans who watch the feeds are the ones know the truth about you. your face on tmz should be right next to hers.

so send production a card, some flowers, edible arrangements, a cheese plate or something because you got off way too easy in my opinion. you can afford it.

moving forward, we all have work to do, including myself. i know i still struggle with anger at times and tend to react rather than listen. but i know its my fault and nobody else's. I hope you do some self discovery and work on yourself as well instead of a lackadaisical "oh that's just how I talk sometimes" cop out.

i challenge you to take that 50k before taxes and do something positive with it. stop blaming other outlets for your own shortcomings and own it as a real woman.

im dropping the mic now.

and double ps, hip-hop doesn't love you. stop using hip-hop music as your crutch for using the word "nigger". you have no business using that word. so if you need to, go out and buy the edited versions since you seem to be easily influenced by the hip-hop community ...

see you never,

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