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5th Feb 2013 from Twitlonger

Why haven't the #Hornets fired coach Monty Williams? They ended in last place last year, and they've been in last place all this year.

Not sure that someone who really knows will answer this question. I see some poor coaching going on with the Hornets/Pelicans. Coach Williams pulls his whole 1st string out very quickly every game, and falls way behind. By the time he has the 1st string back in completely (late 4th quarter), the team is so far behind that it struggles to catch up. Then, they lose. The Hornets ended last season in last place; they've been in last place all year this year. How many years will Tom Benson enjoy his team being in last place? Talk about "pigs in slop." They love it! I hope that I can get a real answer, and not the usual baloney that I hear. A lot of people talk a lot of junk, and give a lot of excuses. Is being in last place just "fine and dandy" with owner Tom Benson? @wdsu

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