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10th Nov 2012 from Twitlonger


Hi Julie,

I have no idea if you remember me, I guess you get lots of fan tweets and e-mails every day.

I tweeted you some time ago to tell you some things - how I loved your show and watched it with the same old friends I used to watch Dawson's Creek with 15 years ago, and how you shouldn't get too upset about the teenagers being teenagers and threatening to set the world on fire - since I almost threw my TV out the window the day Joey fell in love with Pacey, and I got over it just fine.
You told me my tweet made you feel good, which was my exact wish at the moment.

But tonight I'm writing to you simply because I want to share something with you - because I wish to tell you how your writing continues to affect my life in so many strange and beautiful ways.

Last weekend I went home to my little town near Milan - I've been living in Germany for over a year now and hadn't seen my friends for over a month.
We went on a girls night out last Saturday, just the four of us.
We celebrated 15 years of friendship - the beginning being our first day of high school - and we all had big news to share.
My friend Alessandra was dumped by her long-time boyfriend on her birthday, Silvia had gone to live to Milan by herself and started dating again after some serious heartbreak, and Iaia was about to leave for a world-tour as an acrobatic dancer and definitely freaking out about it.
As for me, I had to give them the slightly terrifyng but great news that I'm moving again - to London this time.
For me it's a major life change, for them it just means that they're not getting their friend back yet and that they can sleep in London for free.

So, pretty exciting. Pretty emotional night for everyone.

We talked like grown-ups for about THREE MINUTES- what about your teaching job, and aren't the rents impossible there - until Iaia started complaining out of the blue that her Itunes account wasn't working properly, and how was she ever going to find out what happens between Damon and Elena at the frat party now?

It was delicious mayhem from then on.
After the second Margarita, we were arguing wheter Klaus' accent was hot or annoying ( which...what?? )
and the night ended with us singing "Bloodstream" by Stateless at the top of our lungs in the car back home.
A night in which we were supposed to catch up and analyze the major, at times dramatic changes that are going on in our lives in a supposedly adult way, turned into a TVD fangirls party.

But that's what you do with friends. You laugh about futile things and keep that memory for when things get bad and you have nothing to laugh about.
And TVD is a huge part of that. Your writing is a part of that. It's so strange, because you don't even know who we are - but what you do affects our lives in a way, and I think it's amazing, and I wanted to tell you that.

Iaia NEVER understands the mithology of this show. Sometimes I'm going to work in a cold german morning and I haven't heard from her in days and just she texts me something hilarious like "Wait.. is Alaric Klaus? How did we not notice??" without a single hello or how are you.
She's Team Damon and she's pretty confused by the Five hunters storyline right now.

Alessandra and I used to text like crazy during Dawson's commercial breaks. We are one mind and often one heart.
She's been too devastated by her break-up to watch TV, but today she's decided season 4 is going to be her therapy ( she decided that after she saw a gif of shirtless Ian in ep 3, actually ). Tomorrow she's finally watching "Growing Pains" and texting me reactions.
She's Team Damon and we are in a bit of an argument right now because of the Klaus' accent thing.

Silvia is a #TVD newbie, only halfway through S1, and she's loving it so far.
I think she finally gave in because she felt left out of our highly phylosophical debates about Paul vs Ian abs ( Paul wins, FYI )
She's Team Stefan and doesn't see the allure in Damon - but accordly to Alessandra, "it's just because you haven't seen Miss Mystic Falls yet . Just you wait."
When she retorted that she'll probably just keep loving Stefan more than Damon, Alessandra told her she got the show all wrong and that we should never have suggested her to watch it in the first place.

Oh, and there are Simona and Mara, my cousins, who couldn't make it to the restaurant.
Simona is Team StefanAllTheWay, Mara is Team DamonAllTheWay.
They are VERY vocal about their feelings, and family dinners are getting more and more hilarious lately.
They e-mail me regularly to ask me if it's really that cold up here and why don't the writers leave Stefan/Damon alone, poor thing??

And then there's me, TeamSalvatore but TeamDamonWhenItComesToElena and TeamOriginals and Team IWantToMarryJosephMorgan :)

I don't know if you kept reading till here, but I had to tell you again that your work matters to us.
We laugh a lot, and sometimes yell at the screen, but it always makes us feel good.
Sure, there are times when people send off japanese lanterns and Alaric ghost appears beside Damon and we totally lose it.. but hey, still fun ( ..through the tears )!

Oh, and we all are without distinctions Team Salvatore, Team Alaric and Team Caroline. Obviously.
But most of all, Team Show, Team Writers, Team We are Almost Thirty and still having fun thanks to you all.

With love,


ps: if this five original hunters storyline leads you to shoot in Italy, I will not respond for the things I might do to be there. And if you want to keep your viewers sane, please stop putting Joseph Morgan in a suit. I've thanked you for doing that last time, but now I've seen the prom pics for 407 and my brain MELTED.

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