Shane Watson has broken down with calf soreness @PeterYoung1952. 20-20 cricket has caused this sudden run of injuries due to a lack of 4 day match fitness conditioning. The fitness level for a 4 day match and test match has more of an aerobic and anerobic fitness base than for a 50 over or a 20 over game. Gee, it is not rocket science. Did @RMHogg, Geoff Lawson, Glen McGrath, Dizzy and DK Lillee suffer calf soreness whilst bowling overs in a shield game and test match? These guys had a high level of aerobic and anerobic fitness conditioning to play out a four day and five day game. Cricket Australia has to stop its love affair with 20-20 cricket and its continual submission to the Indian Cricket board who are running over other cricketing nations around the world. Even though you claim David Warner has made the adjustment from 20 over cricket to the five day game, other young cricketers must develop the discipline and right techniques to succeed at the longer form of the game. Here is a question for you: Did Michael Holding, Joel Garner and Andy Roberts break down with calf soreness during a test match? Those guys had the match conditioning to play out a test match. Cricket Australia has hired the wrong physio to replace Errol Alcott. Gee, ever since Errol Alcott left, our fast bowlers have broken down. If James Sutherland is so concerned with continuing his love affair with 20-20 cricket, why does not he allocate some funds in the CA budget to hire Dennis Waight or Errol Alcott to head the Sport Science Department? The Head of the Sport Science Department should report directly to Pat Howard and the physios and sports fitness staff will report directly to the Head of Sport Science and Conditioning. Cricket Australia has hired the wrong people in the sports science and fitness area. Why are our players breakding down? CRICKET AUSTRALIA IS WEAK. 20-20 cricket has ruined our game. The sooner Cricket Australia and other nations stand up to the Indian Cricket Board, world cricket will be in a better place!

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