Nigel Hobro. A whistleblower's brave words. "How things work" at abusive Wirral Council. From Wirral Globe:

my name is Nigel hobro. I am a whistleblower.
My expert witness-I am a qualified accountant of over 30 years experience-was submitted in summer 2011. The revelations were statistical , explicit and not hearsay. However first Invest wirral cleared itself and its operatives, then despite this clearance further pressure led to its referral to Internal Audit in September 2011. The latter did not see fit to ask to interview me so I searched them out seeing them in November 2011. The Head of internal audit was a Beverley edwards who promised to interview staff in Wirralbiz in December 2011. When she turned up in mid-december 2011 she was refused access to staff, accepted this disappeared on sickness leave and resigned from the Council. Her successor Dave Garry worked only 2 days weekly. I asked to meet ihim in January 212 and March 5 2012. The interviews were detailed.

Nothing hapened and emails with more evidence provided him were not read until he in summer 2012 declared he would take no more evidence.Liam Murphy of Daily Post asked council for press statement which declared grandly in april 2012 that the report would be published within a few weeks. Nothing happened!

To my enquiries D Garry replied that the reports were subject to the Right to Reply.Cllr A Jones was intervening on my behalf and accepting the evidence I was providing. In July Merseyside CID accepted there was a prima facie case for fraud. Margaret Hodge MP and chair of Parliamentary cttee for public expenditure intervened resulting in a public email from D Garry to myself where it became obvious he had not properly read my evidence. Volte face he was obliged to consider ALL my evidence by his political masters. In september 2012 just before the Audit and Risk committee met to consider D Garrys report I wrote to Mr Burgess supported by others who had suffered from the ISUS program. Mr timmins , acting head of finance then reviewed D Garrys work , found it scrappy and the conclusions unjustified. The senior leadership , after one year of ineffective follow-up, suppressed the Internal Audit report and proposed the appointment of independent, private auditors to recommence from BASe zero the same investigation. Estimated cost of the same -#50k and meanwhile Mr Garry has resigned and taken his pension.

My name is NIGEL HOBRO and I am proud to be a whistleblower though it has cost me dearly-no employment for 8 months!

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