Min · @theyoungestmin

23rd Aug 2012 from Seesmic

[The words that I want to say about the petition]

First of all, I feel so sorry about the thing to happen in these days.
As I told before, I also like to watch the private fancams and pictures.
But, nonetheless, I can't ask to permit taking and posting the pics and videos freely.
(If we want to watch them, we should do it secretly..ㅠㅠ)

Because it's not related to just management company.. It can't be solved just by the permitting of Cjes.

It is related to many other things such as practical and financial problems, legal difficulties with people like the advertisers and investors.

For this reason, I can't agree with the petition that some i-fans have.
It's not a simple thing to carry out as some fans think.
It can affect our boys if we aren't careful.

So… I want to say this...
Please think and be more considerable and cautious for our boys..

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