Gav · @miracleofsound

21st Aug 2012 from Twitlonger

Some news guys!

As of now, my new songs will be on the Escapist once per month instead of once per fortnight. Unfortunately I think I somewhat over-estimated the limits of my abilities by trying to maintain new songs every 2 weeks.

I would rather take the time to make 12 amazing songs every year for you guys as opposed to 24 that sometimes feel rushed and don't live up to the high standard of the better ones like Joker's Song, Sovngarde Song or New Black Gold.

Quality over quantity if you get me. Hope you guys understand and see this as a positive step. I do pay attention and I noticed a lot of complaints lately about the songs not being up to the previous standards and I want to put the time in and make sure every one is a hit with you, the fans, from now on. :)


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