Bumblefoot · @bumblefoot

28th Jul 2012 from Twitlonger

Oh geez... seems some people are blaming Axl for the difficult logistics the crew had at the end of the tour with the extra gig thrown in. Allllways blamin' the singer.... my fault, I went on a twitter rant :P (www.twitter.com/bumblefoot/status/226815415882493952) He doesn't plot out the travel itineraries between shows, not how it works. The planners did the best they could to make everything happen, was just no way to make it easy on the crew. On a positive, once upon a time tours had canceled shows, now they have added shows... so there. :) Thank you all again for being such great audiences everywhere we went :) Made a lot of new friends that I hope I'll be seeing soon....... :)

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