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20th Jun 2012 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] Taeyeon's interview in Elle Girl magazine --

Q: When you first heard about the TTS unit group, did you think the three of you would make a good team? Could you picture the three of you performing?
TAEYEON: At first, I was happy but also taken aback. Because each one of us have our own music styles we adhere to. (laughs) Fortunately, 'Twinkle' suited all of us.

Q: This promotion cycle was a chance for Taeyeon to show off her singing skills again. Were you happy being able to sing to your heart's content? Was it burdensome at all, considering everyone's expectations for 'SNSD's vocal line'?
TAEYEON: Like music is everything I have, I promoted enjoying it to the fullest. It was burdensome because we were promoting as representatives of 'SNSD', but I'm thankful that so many people loved us.

Q: To you, when was Tiffany and Seohyun's most 'Twinkle'-ing moment? Meaning, when they shined the most.
TAEYEON: Tiffany looks so pretty when she's MCing on 'Music Core'. As well as when she speaks English! (laughs) Seohyun shines more than usual when she's wearing flashy jewelry, at an award show, and when she's playing the piano.

Q: Will we be able to see another unit group from SNSD promoting in the future? Is there a unit that you're looking forward to by any chance?
TAEYEON: Our advantage is that, because we have so many members, we can create that many more groups. But I actually haven't thought about any other combinations. I guess I'll think about it starting today.

Q: Before the shoot, I saw you applying base makeup yourself. Do you usually apply makeup yourself?
TAEYEON: I've applied base makeup myself since our debut days. Just because it's fun and comfortable. I have a lot of interest in makeup, and own a lot of products.

Q: When do you like how your face looks the most?
TAEYEON: When I wake up? It's just my opinion!

Q: I'm curious as to what kind of music you've been listening to as of late. Is there a musician you've gained ltos of interest in recently?
TAEYEON: I usually choose music based on my condition that day, regardless of genres. I've been into English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, and American, singer The Ready Set, and I've been a fan of Bruno Mars for a while. I like how Bruno oppa's sexy voice carries both sorrow and happiness.

Q: What's your best way of enjoying music?
TAEYEON: When I start the day in the morning, or when I'm cleaning my room, I play exciting electronica music loudly. It gives you energy. When we're moving in the car, or waiting for our next schedule, I always put on my earphones and focus for that short amount of time and listen [to music].

Q: While you're going back and forth overseas, you're bound to bump into foreign stars or musicians. Is there a star that you were really glad to meet?
TAEYEON: We met Avril Lavigne while promoting in Japan. I was really nervous meeting her in person, because she's an artist that I've liked since I was younger. I told her I'm a fan and that, if she gets the chance, if she could write a song for SNSD. She probably would have been taken aback, as it was our first time meeting, but she cooly replied with an 'OK'. (laughs) She could have just said that out of courtesy, but I felt happy.

Q: You could become exhausted both physically and mentally due to constant flights and activities overseas. How are you regulating your condition (/health)?
TAEYEON: I receive massages whenever I get free time. When I want to relieve stress, I also go eat sweet, yummy foods with my members.

Q: SNSD members have been doing individual activities in various areas lately. As the leader, and fellow group member, was there a member who had a talent that surprised you?
TAEYEON: Because we've known each other for so long, we know each other really well. Just as I thought, my members are always the best at their own positions. They're all so good [at what they do] that I can't pick one person.

Q: Do you tell your family or people around you that you love them often?
TAEYEON: I don't think I express those things well. But when I suddenly really do want to say it, I do.

Q: If there was a personality trait, tendency, or preference you have that you could change, what would it be?
TAEYEON: When something happens, I keep the worst case scenario in mind, so I feel I lack in optimism. I want to be a bit more optimistic. On the other hand, because I think of the worst case scenario, there is the upside that I can handle whatever problem calmly.

Q: What's the most rewarding thing you've achieved as SNSD?
TAEYEON: SNSD's solo Asia tour concert, our Japan tour concert, and appearin gon the American talk show 'Letterman Show'!

Q: Do you believe in destiny? Do you think of you being a member of SNSD, gaining this immense amount of love from all over the world as coincidence, luck, or destiny?
TAEYEON: I believe it to a certain extent. I think me becoming a member of SNSD is destiny, and receving so much love from all over the world is luck.

Q: Is there a person or incident that gets you excited lately? Right now, what's a thought that makes you happiest?
TAEYEON: This question itself is making me excited. (laughs) An incident would be TTS's unit activities, a thing would be [my] car, and people, our fans. And my heart flutters and I feel happiest when thinking about what or who I may encounter in the future.

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