Story Update: #Bahrain #Journalism #teargas #Grand Prix. When the @DanRatherReport team, or any international journalist, visits a country, often the greatest risk faced is by the "fixer" - the person native to that country who helps translate and set up interviews. Once the shoot is over we go home, but they remain in the country, sometimes in increased danger.

After our Bahrain story aired, Mohammed Hasan, the fixer/journalist we interviewed, received threats, but continued to do interviews, including with BBC and at a press conference that Bahraini journalists had convened. On Friday night, he was helping a group of British ITN journalists who had snuck in with tourist visas. They were in a village covering a protest, and Hasan was 'ambushed' -- his friend says the police came from behind and hit him with a stun grenade. He was surrounded and beaten with the back of a gun.

He was treated at a hospital and taken to a prison called Dry Dock. He has since been released and it's believed that the charges will be "participating in an illegal gathering of more than 5 people," "vandalism" and "rioting."

The State Dept in Bahrain knows of his situation and and we have notified the Committee to Protect Journalists and Human Rights Watch.

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