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29th Mar 2012 from Twitlonger

Today I met with a professor who is teaching her college students about MJ! Her name is Martha Gallien, and she teaches criminology and sociology here in Texas. We met for around 2 hours and talked about MJ, what she thought about him before and after his death, what her students think about her, and other topics.

She is making her students read “MJ Conspiracy” & they must write a book report on it! In another class, her students are given extra credit assignments that they can do on MJ if they choose. She always liked his music, but was too busy with working and raising her family to follow his life closely while he was alive. After he died, she became very curious about him, and was disgusted at what she discovered!

In Sept. 2010, she flew to Cali to attend the Frozen In Time seminar, where Mesereau, Zonen, Feldman, & others spoke about the MJ cases. She met with William Wagener afterwards and taped an interview for YT where she describes what she heard there.

I will work with her to give her additional material that she can assign to her class to read, such as books and articles. Her students are very excited about learning about MJ, and many have decided to study MJ even after taking her course! Many minds have been changed!

They love watching the “What Did Happen To Michael Jackson?” series on YT! Via word of mouth, enrollment in her classes has skyrocketed due to MJ! Minds are being changed about MJ!

We will meet again in a few weeks and I’ll keep you guys updated!

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