Review of 'Paan Singh Tomar' by me (a Bollywood fan)

'Paan Singh Tomar' :- 4*

Paan Singh Tomar starring Irrfan Khan (@Irfanatam) is a must watch movie.

Almost everything is perfect about the film... story, performance, dialogues, locations, casting & last but not the least there are lots of funny moments even in such a serious story.

Dedicated to all sporting heroes of India who died penniless & uncared for, it is based on the true story of an Army person who has won Gold medals at Indian National Games for 7 years in a row but forced to become notorious dacoit (errr Baaghi)

The only down side of the film is the somewhat lengthy 2nd half but that may be because in Biopic, writers have to stick to real life story. But overall this movie is a masterpiece by @dirtigmanshu (Tigmanshu Dhulia)

Do watch this film & get yourself entertained !!

1. Unlike 'Bandit Queen' or 'Omkara', there is no use of foul language at all, so buy tickets for entire family.
2. It is much-much better than 2011 Oscar winner 'The Hurt Locker'
3. Give all 'best actor' awards in advance to Irrfan Khan

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