[Trans] 120210 Sooyoung's message on Offical homepage:

"SONE! Hello hello ^--^

How have you been?! Sooyoung is in Paris now... hehe
The original plan was that I would take the flight on 9th and fly to Thailand at 10th night..
The plan changed so I stayed on 'land' hehe, I almost ended효 up spending my birthday in the midair, how could this happen hoho.
Since young, I felt excited whenever my birthday was coming and my wish was to throw a birthday party in fastfood restaurant. I didn't expect myself to be congratulated by so many people around the world when I grow up.. T T
I receive congratulations from fans yesterday and today, I can't help but only feel grateful..
Yesterday, I had an enjoyable party and ate nice food with members!^^
It felt more enjoyable to receive congratulations from people and at the same time being together with people I cherish ^--^

I always feel this on my birthday every year - that I'm receiving an amount of love that I'm unworthy of. As I get older, I promise myself that I will become someone who deserves the amount of love I receive..
Everyone gives your precious time and love to me, but I wonder if I'm qualified to get them from you..
ㅡ, However!! I do know that these things aren't that important hehe,
All I have to do is to receive everyone's pure and compassionate love with a pure heart.
I won't have time to think whether I deserve the love :) I will just work to the best of my ability at my current position to repay you ;)
I will work hard to be someone who never disappoints you, someone worthy of the love I am receiving right now!^^
Again, it's you guys who make me feel this way, so that I can prove that I've grown into an adult..
Thank you so much hehe, it feels as if.. you guys are in the same car with me - the car which moves to the destination called 'adult'...?! hehe
What I mean is that, thank you for being together with me in the process.. hehe, it seems that many people are experiencing my growing process together with me, watching me like my family members.. I feel the sense of responsibility!!

Right now my hands and feet are numb, I won't be able to reply to messages.. keke
Even so we should not forget about this! Capable SONEs will come out and make some translation, right?

Now that 'Soshi Express' that everyone is on boarding now is making its tour,
customers of many races are coming on board. hehe
We have to make TV programmes go global!.. hahaha
Isn't this a weird car that requests its passenger to do translation?
But.. Just have your butts sticking to the seats and stay safe til destination.......
You will be able to watch performances that can never be found on the world map, and the epic touching moments which never feels to make you cry!!
As well as the girls’ drama of their growing up process.... hahahahaha

The next station will be Taeyeon Station on the 9th of March.
There’s no exit door. .__."


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