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Twitlonger that we are responding to - http://www.twitlonger.com/show/febejj

FIRST POINT – There are people on this list who did NOT ATTEND the June 2011 tour organized by mjsunflowerjj thru Applehead House to Los Angeles. Therefore, your opening assertion -

“We, the undersigned, ARE THE GROUP you are talking about that went on the trip to Los Angeles for a solid week in June of 2011.” is a LIE.

In court, if a one statement a witness attests to on the stand is proven to be a lie…..then the rest of their testimony can also be considered suspect and not truthful.

Numbers don’t lie and neither do pictures – WE have pictures and a list of the people who actually attended.

There were 6 people who broke off from the group by end of day three.. so that would leave you with 21 people-

Additionally, there were 2 people who had their own transportation & they are not even on your list.

That leaves 19 possible signatures on this Open Letter not 27 ..

Much like Deborah Brazil and David Walgren used Murray’s own words to prove his guilt … we will use the words from the Applehead House (Screenshots available and will be posted if necessary but we are trying our best to protect her members, even though she isn’t)

Let’s examine some remarks regarding adding their names to a trip they never attended AND putting their names on a Open Letter that they have NO KNOWLEDGE regarding facts.


The names have been x’d to protect the innocent members – We do not feel they are guilty of anything except trusting their leader of their “home” (Applehead House)

“Mine as well, although I don’t even know what’s going on, but I’m standing by your side love, XXXXX”

“I don’t know what happened, but there always seems to be a bad seed in every pod, however I have your back and complete support, you may put my name down as well. Much LOVE, XXXXX X”

“As I’m not on twitter, neither did I know about this. But after reading the open letter, I feel it’s something really nasty and hurtful going on. I want you to put my name on it as I stand up for our house!” XXXXX X

“Could you please add my name tooo, although i did not attend the trip this past June, i stand firmly for the Applehead sisters and our beautiful home. The MJJJusticeProject needs to apologize for all the malicious attacks and slander that they have . . . . “ XXXXXXXX

Pls note the most interesting one is from this member. Clearly she is surprised that she was contacted to put her name on the twitlonger from Savveyheir – because she was a member of the 6 member disgruntled group that broke off.

“Do you want to put my name in the letter ?!! But I was on the group that broke up and as XXXX XXXXX says – “We had a couple of characters on the trip who were not of our normal group and they tried to cause trouble and drum up drama – but we…” XXXXX

Sunflower1111 who obviously asked Savvyheir to post the twitlonger is still somewhat involved in the editing of – responds–

“XXXXX – you were CERTAINLY not those characters it was XXXX and XXXXXXXX and there names will not be on the letter. But your name on the letter – and, asking you to put your name on the letter – PLEASE know we are NOT saying acting like them …”

We continue to disect-

SECOND POINT – “It has PAINED us greatly to see all of this slime talk going on about our trip and our group. This was NOT a scam in ANYWAY.”

We never spoke of the June 2011 trip as being a scam. . WE spoke of Neverland Buy Back scheme- and “Yellow Bricks” which was also reported on Bonnie Cox’s blog back in July 2011. http://michaelsguardian.blogspot.com/2011/06/emergency-blog-michaels-fans-getting.html

THIRD POINT – “We have receipts and pictures”

Yes, we have the pictures, too. That’s what we used to mathematically conclude that the some of your signatures are false. Shall we bring them out, compare and count heads?

FOURTH POINT- “We had a couple of characters on the trip who were not of our normal group and they tried to cause trouble and drum up drama – but we would NOT allow it, gladly letting them go their separate way – as they chose and do their own thing. “

“A couple” means 2 there were 6 who broke off.

FIFTH POINT- “SHE IS battling cancer and we are APPALLED that a self-appointed and fairly NEW fan group whom has NEVER met any of us would create such a nasty attack for NO REASON.”

This has two responses.

1) We never asserted publicly that she didn’t have cancer, but again we will state that ill health should not be used as a shield to hide truth. Please be transparent with the “business plans” and we will gladly step off this topic.

2) We are not a fan group – We are socially networking activists for Michael Jackson. We are a registered non-profit corporation that seeks to keep Michael’s truth and true legacy told in spite of the 20+yrs attempt of the bias media to present salacious and speculative stories. We also feel it’s important to make sure that innocent people in the MJGlobal family are not told preposterous stories like Neverland Ranch being for sale and a sold a ridiculous business plan to “buy it for his children” and use it as headquarters for the fans.

SIXTH POINT- “As far as the so-called “scheme” . . . THIS IS ABSOLUTE SLANDER. We still are working and have gone through many a plan change since the early draft of what you have so manipulatively displayed in a way that is so dishonest.”

It’s not slander if it’s true. Emails of interactions with many are considered proof and can be entered into evidence in a court case. It was not manipulated except only to take mjsunflowerjj name off of it. We purposely posted it WITHOUT an author to see if anyone would own up to it and sure enough … she did.

PLEASE DO SHARE YOUR LATEST PLAN that you “are still working” on.. If it’s on the up and up ..then what’s the problem with sharing it? Most people in the MJGlobal family that have campaigns do them openly so that the enormaous fan base can help propagate it. Why the secrecy?

SEVENTH POINT – “So – now that you have HEARD from the ACTUAL group that goes on the trips and works on our plan – we expect you to take everything down – delete your comments and OFFER up a HUGE apology to ALL of us the undersigned.”

Now we come to where we started- some of the undersigned did NOT go on the trip as proven by their own words on the Applehead House website. (Pics, list of attendees are avaible and will be posted if dregging up the June 2011 trip issues persists)

NOTHING WILL BE TAKEN DOWN. In fact, if she persists another post is assured.

NO APOLOGY WILL BE FORTHCOMING for posting the truth,


*Pls see our wordpress for full explanation of this Neverland Buy Back Scheme

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