First of all, I am very sorry for your loss. Compassion and LOVE should always be our first line of action toward someone no matter if it is something major or simply someone having a bad day. You have suffered a major loss and I said a prayer for you the minute I saw this online last night and for your friend and her family. Many were hurting MUCH more than me at this time and I recognized this and thanked God for what was good in my own life as a consequence.

Val I truly wanted to reach out to you and say something because that is WHO I AM - but, I have been attacked and mocked by simply being kind like I strive to be everyday. So, I pray you know my heart is genuine and my pain is sincere for you and what you are going through.

I know you know about the first draft that went around a very long time ago. I also know you know I did not run and hide. I addressed it IMMEDIATELY and asked for names so I could address in-person. You may also know that Jerry was good enough to reach out to me and we discussed and he said if we did this in the correct way and if we had Estate approval that they would support it because this is what everyone would dream to have happen.

I told Jerry that as soon as I realized WHAT this looked like - we took the plan down IMMEDIATELY and we rethought this situation. Again, I said this in the letter that was "analyzed" that this was first-draft and was not being utilized.

As it stands right now - we would be MORE than happy to present what we are working on. But, I am afraid the people who are going after me are going to be GREATLY disappointed.

My business that is my living has NOTHING to do with our project. And, the people that are on payroll do not even KNOW I am in the MJ Community. It is NOT a pyramid AT ALL. We have a team structure of base paid workers whether in accounting, HR, management or whatever.

As far as our group - we are not working on the Neverland project. We have NOT worked on this project for a very long time. We are working outside of this community AND NOT EVEN mentioning Michael's name - to eliminate hunger as our country as 1 in 3 children who go to bed hungry every night. And, we feel this is something that Michael would be proud of us to work on.

We will revisit the project if it is viable at another time providing we can be set up differently and not offend anyone or worry anyone.

YOU WILL NOT HEAR FROM anyone and have NOT heard from anyone - because I am not doing a scam or scheme as I KEEP SAYING! The ONLY reason anything is out there about my business Female500 is because the person who has started all this fuss and keeping it going - is someone that called me hysterically because she had a personal financial crisis. I am VERY compassionate and it broke my heart. So, I talked with my accountant about a % of our budget that we could literally GIVE this woman a bonus from each month for a few months in a very generous way. THIS was put together for her so not to humiliate her or make her feel like charity by way of a legitimate business offer. It bit me in the ass - I am sorry to say because sometimes trying to be kind to some people does.

I ended up being diagnosed with cancer and everything in business and my personal life - including MJ life - came to a halt. This upset this person very much as it screwed up her plans for her life at the moment. I am very sorry she was disappointed. I truly am. And, I have reached out and reached out to smooth this over. However, I have had a few people come to me and tell me - this is how this person is. They are beyond having capability to forgive or even reason. But, I have great faith in God that impossible things can heal.

At present my Company has picked up the pieces and we are off and running once again. But, the SLANDER to my Company name as been horrendous. And, with you being a peacemaker - I am asking you to PLEASE put a stop to this mess as for our community but also out of compassion. Because the fact of the matter is Val, for me personally, if I lose my business to this - I lose my ability to have medical care for my cancer. Plus, people who are on payroll will be without incomes effecting their lives.

I have reached out in peace and love to end this - MANY TIMES. My MJ sisters have reached out. A couple of leaders in this community have reached out and NOT because they were being harassed of which I heard from one last night that was not happy about this lying statement that was posted. And, an angel reached out as well - dialdancer - and, she was promised that this would all end THAT day but she was lied to as well.

Just because I made error in my overzealous attempt to do something grand for this community in a way that I saw as being an answer to what we ALL want and that is to work toward Michael's mission to "Heal the World" - why does it give anyone that slaps "Justice" in their name and a "Justice" symbol in their profile pic the right to stalk my life and my business life? They have for WEEKS now put out posts that have humiliated me, hurt me, and harmed my state of health. They have sent private messages, sent emails, been on facebook, been stalking my TL and my followers with bad messages - but, yet NO ONE has said I scammed them! Isn't this enough??

Furthermore, the people that have tried to answer to the wordpress that Mjjjusticeprjct put out - she will not allow unless it is unfavorable. And, there is only one unfavorable comment even at that. And, that is someone named "Ash" who said she had several friends who went on the trip and it was a scam. Budsgirl asked for the trip goers to come forward and THEY did - but, she refused to post it in response to this "ASH" person. Cadeflaw made a comment on there but when I spoke with them - I was told it was not in favor of this action against me at all. Just trying to be unbiased.

Now my name has been put out there following my business name out there. This is slander - it is defaming me and I have had enough of this. I can't hold up with this stress. PLEASE - this is really destroying me and killing me. I ask for mercy if you have any MJ heart at all in you.

Also, I have been tweeted the most rude and inhumane comments I have ever had said to me at anytime in my life by the people working with MJJP. When someone has cancer - they cringe when someone jokes about them not living long enough to see more cruel actions taken against them like this. And, this has been done to me.

Even after no one coming forward after weeks - MJJP was stirring it up still saying I was threatening people not to come forward and holding secret meetings at our site to scare people into not talking and "this was much bigger than first thought". For God's sakes - this sounds really nuts at this point. I am sick and can hardly lift myself out of the bathtub in the morning without great pain. PLEASE stop this - PLEASE!

Michael had people dig and dig and put out all kinds of lies about him until it caused him great difficulty. Then no one stood by his side except his loving family and Elizabeth Taylor. How he suffered over LIES. And, now people still believe he did these horrible things.

This is what has happened to me. No matter how kind - how loving - how helpful - how upset - how sick - no matter what - there will forever be people in our community that will now believe I was out to harm someone here for personal gain. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

What IF everyone did pull together and we had purchased Neverland for Michael's children. And, while they were coming of age - we all started using this as our headquarters to bring volunteer ambassadors there to train on projects to take home to our communities to do our part to "HEAL the WORLD"? What would have been wrong with this?

And, now - what if Neverland is the last thing that is sold off of Michael's like many of his items that have been auctioned off and not given to his family to do what they would like to do with? And, I am NOT slamming anyone - as my comments way back then were as I said - out of being in a tailspin about his death and believing what many were saying.

Since that long ago writing you will not find ONE comment from me of speaking ill of the Estate and ALWAYS sticking up for Michael's family and for peace in this community.

My greatest pain at this time is the community and especially my sisters at our site. They are the most loving and wonderful people who truly walk in Michael's footsteps of LOVE every single day. They have been so hurt by this and I have tried and tried to take the pain away.

So, Val and Mary of Cadeflaw and anyone else that wants this to end - will you PLEASE tell MJJP and Catherine Gross to END THIS NOW? To take down the horrible posts and stop the comments.

If we can do this - then we will not mention it again either and we will all reach out from our site with the love and great help we have to offer.

Then if we find that we are able to represent our Neverland Project to the community at another time - in away that is better laid out - then we would LOVE to do this AFTER we have to Michael's family and to the Estate for their approval and blessings.

We only want to work with all of you to do what is the BEST for Michael's God-given mission to do ONLY good in the world to help fill it up with love. We truly do.

Thank you, Val for reaching out.
I love you and I love all of my MJ Fam - even the ones who are misguided in harming me.

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