@mjsunflowerjj You know, I lost my dear friend last night so I am not happy about having to address this right now, but seeing as you sent me this http://www.twitlonger.com/show/febejj I feel I have no choice but to answer it. Firstly, I would like to address the supposed "slander" being directed toward you & the "manufactured" & "manipulated lies." I believe everyone needs to be careful of pointing fingers here.

I have know of you & your scheme since early last year. It was brought to my attention by a personal friend who you contacted privately on a fansite. She forwarded me an email sent by you containing documents outling your "Buy Back Neverland" business plan. After reading the doc's a red flag was raised. It was blatantly obvious this was a Pyramid scheme which is illegal & which is a federal offense. There r no manufactured or manipulated lies here or slander. How can there be when the proof sits before us? A scheme is a scheme.

MJJJUstice did right to be this to awareness, especially in light of recent events, but they did not mention names real or otherwise. You came forward & claimed it voluntarily as ur own. Now, here we are and what is the answer to all this? Perhaps it's more simple than we think. You say u r still working on and have changed the plan since its initial draft. Show the fan community the plan as it is now. Put to rest the fears & suspicions. Would that be so hard to do if it's legitimate, instead of this going back & forth in anger & with accusations false or otherwise in a public arena? We r all meant to be mature adults here & we represent MJ in this community, but we r in danger of becoming the label placed upon us by the media and misinformed public of Crazy MJ fans! This needs to be stopped. This needs to be settled before division occurs. The answer to me is simple.

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