Well, in bed sick and ANOTHER night I am contacted by loving people telling me what you are doing to me again.

I am going to address this one-time and one-time only because my health cannot take these vicious attacks and it is obvious you are out on a mission to destroy me and ALL because I asked you to simply reveal your name if you were going to be attacking people. It is only fair.

FIRST OF ALL - what you have posted was from SO LONG ago and NEVER implemented and, YOU KNOW IT is what is so very very sad.

Back when Michael first passed - we were all so struck with horrific grief and that was combined with a tremendous desire to do SOMETHING to make this all better for ourselves and everyone else.

Many different theories of what happened to Michael was floating around in those early days. I was led to believe, at the time, that people wanted Michael dead so they could profit. I was also led to believe he may not have been dead at all. I surfed the net and talked with friends in the community who also knew he had sadly passed but, the information was so convincing at times and we wanted it to be so true that we were clicking on the evidence that he could possibly still be alive. This was ALL a long time ago and much has settled and much has been revealed to all of us since those horrible first few months.

So, to take my state of mind WAY BACK then and apply it to now - is highly unfair and cruel. We were all in a tailspin and did not know exactly what had happened to him or why.

To survive the HORRENDOUS grief - I decided to pour myself into something that would be helpful instead of dwindling away in a grief that was horrible I did not know at times if I would survive it. I had to GET BUSY and try to pull up out of this sadness as well as help others by doing something productive!

Like many others I was magically INSPIRED to do something BIG. I heard from tons of people that were also inspired and felt spiritually-inspired to be creative and do good. But, no one had any funds to do anything. Therefore, I presented a WAY that I believed if we ALL pulled together with the tremendous amount of love in the world for Michael - that we could make a HUGE impact on the world. If we took ALL THIS LOVE and each did A LITTLE - we could truly "Heal the World".

But, I did not have a CLUE that there were such cynical and cruel people that would call themselves Michael Jackson fans that instead of saying - "hey - this is a good idea - but, let's tweak this. or, hey, i love this idea - maybe if we pulled together and did this. or, hey . . .this is a good idea but, maybe seen as this type of marketing so we should approach it differently." I truly had NO IDEA.

And, really the majority of people were and ARE very much about us all pulling together and doing GREAT things or at the very least - just being loving toward one another.

This plan was never implemented as it was floated to see what people thought and if we could pull together and do something with it. And, YOU know this to be FACT.

Also, at the time, I nor anyone else knew what would become of HTW Foundation or that anything was even wrong with it as it was. All I and others knew is that we wanted to do ALL we could do to HELP!

I had written the old HTW foundation to let them know that there was a possibility for us to have funds raised for Healing the World that did not USE Michael's name or take ANY funds from ANY fans in his name. AND, this does NOT - if you read carefully.

Everything is proposing HOW we could affect-positive change and NOT use a penny of any funds raised by fans but, HELP creative fans and organizations stay financially viable so they could do ALL the great things that they felt inspired to do but, stopped by lack of funds.

I have NOTHING but PURE love for Michael and his family, and his mission for the world.

This plan is a GREAT plan to heal so many things in the world. It just had not evolved yet into a more workable plan.

I am not scared of a DREAM. I am not scared to turn a dream into reality. I am not scared to reach for the moon as Michael has taught us.

I STILL hope that we can ALL pull together with more open minds and hearts and innovative ideas of how to "Heal the World" through the many many many ideas out there to make this happen.

What do you stand for other than going after people and working your every hour to harm them? How is this helpful to our community and the expansion of ideas and love in our community?

I have an email from you accepting to come together to discuss HOW we could all pull together. I had this slated as something to present and discuss and tweak and make workable with help of other's such as yourself. And, you know this is TRUE.

But, I began to get weaker and weaker and more and more tired and things came to a halt for me ending up in hospital 3-times and diagnosed with cancer the last time and into surgery the very next day.

Now, you have accused me of faking cancer. You have NO IDEA what it is like to have this "hideous" disease as you called it and IT IS.

I reach out to EVERYONE with LOVE and try to do all I can to be helpful.

PLEASE stand for LOVE and not be attacking people like this. You are truly killing me with these "mean girl" tactics.

Most thought - and, I did as well - that Michael's community was full of spiritually-enlightened and loving people. And, MOST are. It is the few self-appointed people like you who do not reveal their name but, go after people unfairly, harassing and taunting and going through everything in their personal lives - that tears our community apart instead of bringing us together with love to do great things.

You have tried to lead people to believe that I profited from trips to LA - which is a lie. You have tried to make people believe I was selling things to purchase Neverland - NEVER ONCE HAPPENED. You have tried to make people believe I am operating a scam - NOT TRUE! You have spread around a LIE that I was co-embezzling with William Wagner. I have NEVER met William Wagner.

What has happened in your life that you are so bitter and so mean and see bad in people instead of good?

What is WRONG with us all pulling together to figure out away to eliminate hunger, to care for those in need, to volunteer our time to heal our own communities from a plan that comes from a funding resource that is NOT donations or using Michael's name? What is WRONG WITH THIS? Wouldn't this have been ideal and the PERFECT way for all of us to heal our grief and be able to realize our inspired thoughts for good?

And, you did too at one point until everything about you became so political and territorial and exclusive. This is all so very sad. I think about looking into Michael's eyes right now when he was being so lied about by Brashir and Grace and Dimond and the entire world knowing that an "establishmment" of judicial and journalism that he had committed the most vile act ever and I HURT! I hurt because NOTHING was learned by this by some.

But, I have a VERY strong faith and understanding of Michael as well. As much as he said NOTHING was wrong with what he was doing - it was just demented minds that saw it differently - I also understand his faith in God and his belief that MOST people were good people and that those were the people who would see him through.

I STILL believe we can work together to do great things! In spite of this humiliating beating you are doing to me.

I still strive to get well and make this happen! And, if it is not Neverland - another location where we can all come together. I have just been slowed down because of my health and THIS IS THE ONLY reason!

I would NEVER present this as something viable unless I had done my homework. And, I can promise you I DID MY HOMEWORK.

I have never done ANYTHING to you but ask you but be kind to you and then when you started attacking others including me - to reveal your name.

Again, I am stressed out by YOU and beyond exhausted. This is the cruelest thing I have ever seen to see women going after a fellow woman with breast cancer.

Leave me alone.

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