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To: The MJ Fam Community

Today a couple of angels came knocking on my door, so to speak, to relieve me of a stressful situation for the purpose of keeping peace in the MJ Community. I did not need a charitable hand out and did not seek one. God was busy answering my prayers last night in a very big way. I know this was God because one of the people I had never even met or crossed paths with.

I owed a reimbursement to someone just prior to me taking ill. I had asked for paypal information and after finally receiving the address just a few days ago - I immediately went to my paypal account to make payment As life happens when one is already struggling – I got kicked while down because when I went to make the payment an automatic draft had come through taking from my balance in paypal so I sent what I had. I was putting more funds into paypal this week to send the rest and was told this was fine and they were very appreciative. So, I was feeling much better about this. But, then – for some reason – it was not fine and the pressure was too much on me and I asked God for an answer immediately so I could concentrate on my health.

I do not want to carry this on any further other than to say – I have NEVER taken donations – not even in this situation or for a charity or ANYTHING in Michal’s name. I simply was helping a friend go to LA by paying the majority of the trip. I unfortunately had to cancel the trip due to being diagnosed with cancer and ending up in hospital for surgery during the trial.

The others in our group who were to also travel to LA gave me their address immediately and they were reimbursed immediately. However, there was a situation with this one person that was truly out of my control and then I was dealing with surgery and the seriousness of my illness causing EVERYTHING in my life – other than my health – to come to a screeching halt.

I never wanted to harm anyone and certainly NOT our loving community.

I want to point out that there are many of us that put ourselves out there financially and with service to provide a trip or a site or other things to keep our community going. We do this because we have such a deep love for Michael and are motivated beyond understanding to most outside of our community to do these things. We go in DEBT and do not make a PENNY. This is a FACT. But, we are MORE than happy to do this. We just don’t want to be falsely accused. We don’t even need to be appreciated as those that give do not have the need to be appreciated. Just doing our part – is enough for us.

We may not all agree on many things – but, if we could agree to help each other out and not judge and point fingers it would be so much better for all of us. We call ourselves the MJ Fam and as a family we should be about being there for one another and not tearing each other down especially when someone is in need during a serious situation in their lives. And, I do not say this to garner sympathy. I say this from a place of sad experience. When someone is battling cancer or has another problem in their life – our loving community should be the last place from where stress is placed upon us. It has been really really awful to have to worry about people attacking me instead of concentrating on my recovery. I never want anyone to ever have to experience this again.

Many in our community have been attacked and falsely for many reasons. The list is so long that I could not believe it myself when I listed them to pray for them this week. Who has been attacked has been most all of the Jackson family members, Michael’s friends, and, members of the MJ Community.

I personally have been attacked for being a “co-embezzler” to William Wagner and I have never met the man. I have nothing against this man AT ALL and thank him SO much for his WONDERFUL work he did for Michael speaking out of his innocence day after day during the 2005 trial on his show while others in the media planned to bring Michael down with their lies.

This has to stop. Please PLEASE stop doing this. I am here to tell you it hurts badly and when one is weak from illness, or grief, or any other number of things that life throws at us - it is hard to overcome.

On the flip side of this – I have received more love and support than I could have EVER had in my life BECAUSE I AM a member of the MJ Fam. The phone calls and cards to the hospital, the massive number of emails and texts and phone calls, the tweets giving me constant support and checking up on me, and even the oncology specialist and nurses who have reached out to me with wonderful advice has been AMAZING! I thank the majority of you for this as it has helped me more than I could EVER EVER have time or words to explain.

I could NEVER repay all of the kindness but, I offer in return to continue to do as much as I can to help any of you as my MJ Fam and fellow citizen of the world. I reach out to all with a peaceful heart and helpful hand. Everyone who knows me knows this is true, whether from this community or anyone throughout my life.

Please do NOT quit giving your donations and your time to as many of the wonderful projects going on. I so apologize for my part in a reason to be cautious. Those who know me best – and have met me in-person – would tell you that my love for MJ and this community and ALL the projects that are designed to help out another or others – I hold very dear to my heart and genuinely love and support!

I thank my fellow Soldiers of LOVE for their dedication to all we try to do with their time away from family, friends and business and their own money to help keep projects started and going.
May we all go forth with more peace and LOVE than ever before so Michael is smiling down on his beautiful Fam with pride and appreciation for GETTING HIS MESSAGE to always act with LOVE.

With love,

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