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25th Dec 2011 from Twitlonger

Just translated key parts from the post of a staff who experienced the uncomfortable relationship between JYJ and SM Entertainment.


- It’s not present, but I once happened to work with JYJ’s Yuchun Park and SM artists (SHINee, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and etc). I wasn’t the PD but I was in charge of something similar.

- Normally when you make TV programs, it can be worked out well when the agreement between the production (who pays the money), staff (PD and other people who actually make programs) and other 3rd party (broadcasting company and the others who air the program) is well-processed. People may think that the one who pays the money has the strongest power among those three.

- However, the situations become very different when JYJ and SM artists are on the same program’s casting board in broadcasting industries regardless of what program it is. When there are JYJ and SM together, all the three parties involved in programs tend to be in SM’s favour. Actually they have been in favour of only SM’s sides for several years.

According to my own experience,

There was a production company who wanted to cast JYJ on its program. And the production and staff also wanted SM’s artists who were making Korean Wave together. So far so good, a scriptwriter of the program made his/her casting offer and it went all well. However, it was declined by the broadcasting company. The reason was the one everyone knows.

The funny thing was that all of the 3 major broadcasting companies did the same thing.
There was difference of intensity to say it, but the decisions were the same. Only SBS said in less-intense way.

But I didn’t like this unreasonable and incomprehensible situation so pushed ahead with a plan[the original casting] in a quite strong way. Eventually, the people in senior positions said that it wouldn’t be possible that JYJ appears in the program, and especially not possible when there is SM on the same casting board. And they told that only one member of JYJ could be accepted in the consideration of the staff’s position. So Yuchun Park was appeared as an actor, not as a singer.

- In fact, the SM singer who was casted at the same time [with JYJ on the same program] knew about the casting later, and gave me an ultimatum by saying that I would have to choose the one between the two, and he/she[SM singer] would refuse to appear on the program if JYJ appeared as any smallest role. I said that I would never ask them for another work cause it was so chip and nasty, then Yuchun Park was finally able to appear.

- And the SM singer cancelled the appearance, and I was harshly criticized by the broadcasting company. The reason was that why I had to choose Yuchun Park, while there are possibilities that they[SM singers] could boycott their future appearances on other music or entertainment programs and there could be other direct/indirect disadvantages in any ways.

- SM Entertainment has pocketed as much as it could in 2011. They had a lot of government money and made worldwide issues. Soo Man Lee even was awarded a medal. It seems to be Samsung in entertainment industry. The reason that SM keeps JYJ from being in entertainment industry is crystal clear. Because JYJ is the one who could damage its position.

- According to the words by JYJ’s sides a few months ago, “the news about JYJ’s concerts in America never makes the front parts”, “They[SM] know more than us that JYJ is second to none in ticket-power and any other influence when there is direct competition between any singers of SM and JYJ.

Well people say that broadcasting field is quite dirty. What I experienced was even a lot dirtier.


Original Link: http://dg5242.blog.me/90132042818

* I think everyone can have some information about SM’s interference in JYJ, but just thought this kind of eyewitness evidence in open public could be more significant.

* Do not move or use the contexts in your own writing without any notices or permissions. I just wanted to share some situations in Korea with JYJ fans, and do not want to feel sore by seeing someone use my works in their own manners without myself not knowing it.
(Especially OT5s!! I’m sick of their rude manners. I don’t translate for them.)

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