RT VindicateMJ … on wordpress is a MUST READ for any MJGlobal family member who is really eager to get on the front lines and deal toe to toe with the egregious and continued fallacies that are repeatedly propagated by haters.

Be aware that you will run into different types of people in the comment sections of articles or in the YouTube comment pages.
Always try to remain civil, courteous and polite no matter what names these agitators call you. Let THEM be the ones who lose their temper and show by their actions that they are the ‘rabid’ ‘weird’ and ‘bizarre nutters”. If we wish to change the accepted
negative descriptions of Michael Jackson fans – then it is up to us to behave in such a way as to make it happen.

Please take your time to read this 5 part series by @sanemjfan It is a detailed and extremely informative description of what we are up against.






No one said it was gonna be easy.. but hang tough ..

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