.@Dima_Khatib @AJELive @AJARABIC @Msnbc SEE Statement from a Professor of Neurology in Ain Shams University on TEAR GAS used on #Nov19 to #Nov22 in #TAHRIR #EGYPT: (PLEASE RETWEET!)

"To the doctors in the field (tahrir and elsewhere), my experience with the gas used by the police: It causes extra-pyramidal symptoms (involuntary jerks in extremities and trunk mimicking a convulsive seizure, occulo-gyric crisis, etc.) and little respiratory distress. The jerking is relieved by low-dose (3-5mg) diluted diazepam given slowly IV.
The type of gas used is still uncertain but it is certainly very acidic and is not the regular tear gas used in January. Please try to capture as many videos as possible of the symptoms for documentation (and eventually legal action)."
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