@wickedinutopia (sorry its late) [Trans] @0101xiahtic: What should I eat....?? http://twitpic.com/76mnqq

[Trans] @6002theMicky: So I want to create my own girl…. Should I accept some blind dates??

[Trans] @mjjeje: @6002theMicky I'll introduce a girl to you^^ Someone you can break up with right after one week

[Trans] @6002theMicky: @mjjeje Hmm~~~ We'll see about that ^_^ Do introduce one to me~~~

[Trans] @mjjeje: @6002theMicky Most likely if it's you, it's even possible to break up within just two hours..ㅋ

[Trans] @6002theMicky: @mjjeje Now that you said it like that, I'm really curious~ about what sort of girl she is^^!!!!

[Trans] @0101xiahtic: Something about this….. http://twitpic.com/76muj1

[Trans] @mjjeje: @6002theMicky Her name is Snowman..

[Trans] @0101xiahtic: @6002theMicky What sort of blind date are you going for?

[Trans] @6002theMicky: @0101xiahtic Get lost~~~~

[Trans] @6002theMicky: @mjjeje But there's a difference right??ㅎㅎㅎㅎ You're right... How could there actually be a girl who would like me

[Trans] @mjjeje: @0101xiahtic Che!

[Trans] @6002theMicky: @0101xiahtic You just didn't want to eat dinner with us huh... While saying you didn't feel like eating, you went to eat on your own?

[Trans] @0101xiahtic: @6002theMicky kekeke

[Trans] @0101xiahtic: @mjjeje kekeke

[Trans] @mjjeje: Gasp.. He even said "What should I choose?".. Daebak.. He didn't want to come with us to eat.. (T_T)

[Trans] @0101xiahtic: @6002theMicky keke Nah I came out just to shop at first.. But I was too hungry.. The smell floated to me and I was lured in by it.... (sobs)ㅜ

[Trans] @0101xiahtic: Does anyone know what building this is?? There are seriously a lot of people in front of it huh... Is it a famous building? http://t.co/aR2KBP1F

[Trans] @0101xiahtic: @mjjeje Nah there were too many restaurants along the streetㅠ They kept on calling out to me.... ke

[Trans] @6002theMicky: @0101xiahtic Hmm~~~ You Jangtipus~~

[Trans] @mjjeje: @0101xiahtic: What is this even.. "Smell".. Che! Dae-to-the-Bak

[Trans] @0101xiahtic: @6002theMicky What is Jangtipus.....

[Trans] @6002theMicky: @0101xiahtic Junsu-yah~ You mixed up the cheekbones and ankle bone positions~

[Trans] @mjjeje: @mjjeje Junsu-yah your ribs and Achilles tendon switched positions..

[Trans] @mjjeje: @0101xiahtic Come back home quickly~

[Trans] @0101xiahtic: @mjjeje I reached the hotel~ I need to shower

[Trans] @6002theMicky: @0101xiahtic @mjjeje Junsu-yah~ Sleep well Jaejoong-hyung enjoy your stroll and come back~ I'm alone in the room with beer..

[Trans] @6002theMicky: Kya~~ So there was whisky too....

[Trans] @mjjeje: @6002theMicky Hyung just entered the room^^


@poimin73: @0101xiahtic Aja aja XiahTod^^♥

@0101xiahtic: @poimin73 Fighting!!^^

@poimin73: @0101xiahtic ♥XiahTod ♥Minseph We should be addressed like that, right? Anyway, it's great that we're able to kick off the beginning of next year together.. Wrap up your concerts well and give me a call when you're back in Korea^^

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