Maryanne Godboldo & Ife Johari Uhuru (of Occupy The Hood) at Occupy Detroit's General Assembly tonight... @OTH_Detroit ..

~Maryanne Goldboldo's Fight To Save Her Daughter Ariana~
- Maryanne has sought the best medical treatment for Ariana.
- Ariana experienced severe side affects from her prescribed psychotropic medicine. Maryanne chose a medical doctor experienced in combining traditional & alternative therapies.
- For that decision, Maryanne was reported to Child Protective Services (CPS), who involved The Detroit Police Department (DPD) during the inquiry.
- CPS & DPD attempted to invade Maryanne's home. An alleged shot was fired, resulting in a 12 hr. standoff with tanks, helicopters & sharpshooters surrounding their home.
- Godboldo was arrested and bond was set at $500,000.
- CPS kidnapped Ariana & placed her in a state institution where she was medicated. 
- 11 days later, Ariana twisted positive for a STD, even though she is not sexually active.
- Ariana's mother & father are fighting to regain full custody and the right to make decisions for Ariana's well being.
For More Info..
Twitter: @jstice4maryanne
Facebook: Justice for Maryanne Godboldo;

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