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19th Sep 2011 from Twitlonger

Here is the list of proposed ministers for the NTC Executive Office which is still to be ratified so not yet approved --

Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mahmoud Jibril

Deputy Prime Minister of Financial and Economic Affairs
Ali Al-Tarhouni

Deputy Prime Minister for Human Development
Tarek Mohammed Yusef

Deputy Prime Minister of Services and Production
Mohammed Khalid el-Ghuel

First choice for Minister of Defence
Osama Al-Jowaily

Minister of the Interior
Ameed Mohammed Al-Sheikh

Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Government Spokesman
Mahmoud Shammam

Minister of Finance
Hasan Zaqlam

Minister of International Co-operation
Mohammed Abdul Azziz

Minister of Investment and Sovereign Funds
Ahmed Ateeqa

Minister of Economy and Business
Abdullah Shamiya

Minister of Trade
Khalid Kawan

Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises
Fawzi Amar

Minister of Oil
Abdulrahman bin Yazzie

Minister of Environment
Belkasim Al-Namr

Minister of Water Resources
Abdulkadir Alrabatti

Minister for Families of Martyrs and Other Victims
Abdul Rahman Sabika

Minister of Women's Affairs and Children
Najiya Al-Sayyid

Minister of Youth and Sports
Solomon Duzan

Minister of Social Affairs
Mufeeda Al-Zakowzy

Minister of Education
Suleiman Al-Sahli

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Idris Hafeedtha

Minister of Labour
Faraj Al-Sayeh

Minister of Civil Service
Noureddine Al-Salafi

Minister of Justice
Abdul Fatah

Minister of Health
Ismail Sayala

Minister of Municipalities
Ali Zaydan

Minister of Public Works
Ibrahim Al-Sagutri

Minister of Electricity
Awad Barasa

Minister of Communications and Information
Anwar Faytouri

Minister of Transport and Communications
Abdulraheem Al-Keeb

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities
Ikram Al-Pasha

Minister of food Security
Suleiman Bofriya

Minister of Industry and Mining
Eltihami Jaballah

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