Nina: Hello in there?! Is anyone in there?
David: You just have to instigate trouble
Nina: I don't instigate trouble.
David: Well... Okay. Why did you come to dinner tonight?
Nina: Toby invated me! And now we are talking about instigaters... You leaned into me.
David: I leaned into you? I leaned- I did not.
Nina: Yes, you did.
David: You leaned into me!
Nina: What?!
David: Oh, "he said, she said".
Nina: "He said, she said"? Where did that come from?
David: I have no idea where taht came from.

Mr. Ostroff: Toby is going to China
Mrs. Walling/Mrs. Ostroff: Very exciting.
Mr. Ostroff: Nina is finaly back at home.
Mrs. Walling/Mrs. Ostroff: Honey.
Mr. Ostroff: And Vanessa... continous living among us and bring us joy every day.
Mrs. Walling/Mrs. Ostroff: Cheers!
Mr. Ostroff: To the Walling and Ostroff clans. Who knew that two families could get this close.
Mrs. Walling: Here. Here.
Mrs. Ostroff: I still think we could be little closer.

*didn't catch that part but in the end:*
Mr. Ostroff: David! David!
David: Get in the house! Get in the house!

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