#Misrata update 12 June 2011 11:45pm #Dafniya
Misurata steadfast in the face of the dictator 12/06/2011 Faraj Akwedeir

Start the day in an area west of Misurata-Aldafniya: the revolutionary forces have managed to repel attacks from the south and west. They also destroyed and looted heavy weapons and other machinery left behind from retreating Gaddafi troops.

In ​​Dauphin, there have been great battles between revolutionaries and mercenaries. FFS have managed to fend off Gaddafi troops and captured a number of them. About 100 mercenaries have been killer.

And mercenaries tried to attack the system once again to the area near the seaside through the use of speedboats more than once.

Misurata had 7 martyrs and more than 70 wounded in the effort to protect civilians, and remove the danger of these mercenaries for the people of Misurata

The mercenaries were holding one family in a house and using them as human shields. The family was freed by revolutionaries. The mercenary group also used a group of camels as shields but FFs were able to overtake the group.

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