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22nd May 2011 from Twitlonger

#GRIP #TPTAR #JIM #NFOJA #WETHEPEOPLE #Corruption Hi Folks! I'm still alive #judiciary #teaparty #asamom #sgp #tcot


Grand Jury -- I have not heard from them yet. I will go down to where they meet this week to try to get some information. I am also sending six affidavits to them from others in Georgia who have criminal complaints against the judges. If you know of anyone who has been screwed by the federal judges in Georgia, please have them contact me as they may want to add an affidavit so they might seek recourse as well. Nothing else to report since this story.

Right to Act for your Spouse, Significant Other, or Anyone Else in Court -- I'm attacking another of their rackets. Check out this story and the lawsuit that I filed on Thursday. This case has far-reaching significance.

Racketeering Charges filed against 7 Federal Judges and 9 Court Employees -- I filed this lawsuit on Friday.
It was a busy week. If I succeed in pursuing the federal racketeers in Atlanta in Georgia county court, this will have far-reaching significance as well.

KILL BILL -- Death Plot against Me -- As I said, I'm still alive. I have not had my second meeting with the FBI yet. Judge Dishonest Duffey made me file proof of my contact with the Cobb County Police and the FBI. These corrupt judges need to learn that THEY are the only ones who lie and make up s**t. This has been one of the most read stories ever at

Grand Jury in DC -- My next biggie is using my Fulton Ciounty GRIP Technique to reach the grand jurors in DC. I am filing criminal charges against each of the justices of the United States Supreme Court. I hope to get some publicity on this! I will put the charges directly into the hands of the Grand Jurors.

I hope everyone realizes that each of these actions is meant to help all victims of judicial corruption -- not just me. I'm in this more for everyone else than I am for myself. But the only way I can do any of this is because I have complaints that I can bring personally. Otherwise, I would be left on the sidelines.

Corruption Reports -- We now have over 1,500 online, but we are losing the battle. I receive hundreds daily. Thanks SO MUCH to the sweet ladies who have been helping post these. If you can help, please let me know. And if someone could post free ads on CraigsList looking for people to help, that would be great, too. If you've never looked at these reports, take a look at one to see what great information we are capturing.

All the best,

Bill Windsor

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Legal Evil? In their own words - 1/ 3 #GRIP #TPTAR #JIM #NFOJA #judge #corruption #asamom #sgp #militia #teaparty #PAN

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