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5th Feb 2011 from Twitlonger

@AkvrColDArchie INDIA VLOG -
Hello I just got to back to US and I after spending a week in India with rising star outreach and I just have to say what an amazing experience that was! just like a life-changing experience ,you know, and I..... i am just very grateful to have been able to go. I was in india for those who weren't sure what I was there for, was to be with this organization Rising (excuse me)Rising Star Outreach which I've mentioned before in the past and talked about but it's an organization that works with people who're suffering from leprosy in india who've been outcast and shunned from there communities because they are believed to be ya know, filthy and unclean people and spirits but they are just such amazing people, just very loving and it was very humbling to be there.
And I, we got to go to some of the leprosy colonies and we were able to, well, Rising Star Outreach throughout the week, what they do is throughout the week they go to these different colonies and they'll wash the feet of these lepers who aren't able, alot of them can't really can't do it themselves even because of not having hands and things like that.
but we were able to wash their feet, my mom was there with me, and it was just very SO neat, just you know you can tell that the people, it's like, people were aware of, you know, their conditions, and they even though they didn't speak English, you could see in their eyes, how much, it's like them saying we know that you, this is, what we, our condition and this is what we have and but we are so grateful for you helping us out and we very appreciative of it, their just very loving, loving in their eyes, it's just really cool to see.
Rising star outreach also has, you know, they take in kids from these colonies even though the kids don't have leprosy most of the time, even, they're still
not able to go the school because they are considered unclean too, and not able to go to the schools.
It's just amazing to see where these people have come from. From been begging on the streets not allowed to be in these communities and having the jobs not or getting the education that they need.
They're taken from the streets, to having their jobs from these micro-loans and making not just providing for themselves but for families as well, and these kids getting an education and learning and being able to learn english which is very important for job opportunities and things. And it is so cool to be a part of and getting to meet these kids, you know I've have tried to help, you know, and just bringing awareness to this cause but now understanding not just the fact that their people and that their kids
SEEING their faces, KNOWING their names and just hearing their stories of where they come... you know one, you know it's so... I'm just amazed, and uh one of, this here one girl she was put in the TRASH and was rescued by her gramma.. and I only heard a couple of stories but all of them, just, it's just, there amazing stories and just to see where they are now. Is just, I can't believe it, it's just so cool,and I am so grateful for Rising Star Outreach for what they've been doing and THANKS to all you, all you fans who've been contributing, donating, sponsoring kids, it's just amazing to see how it's paid off and who it's effecting. You know, just, I feel like I've just become friends with these people and so thank you for doing that and it means so much to me. If you want to help out you can donate, you can go to Rising Star Out, Rising Star Outreach, I wrote it down here,, sorry for my bad handwriting but you can go there to learn more, learn how you can donate.
When I went to Rising Star Outreach I saw the Pathway of Hope which is something that was started by you guys, the fans, and it was neat to see the messages and the names of the people who donated, so thank you so much, just cause I've been able to see what that money does, and how it's helped these kids and these people that I just LOVE. And so you can go to the website and if you wanna donate to this cause and get a brick, it's $50 for a brick, and it's, if you wanna sponsor a child you can do it for $30 a month, just to help with their education so that they can continue growing in the way, to continue to make the amazing progress that their making. And I'm just very happy, just to see how, people who thought the lowest of the lowest, thinking that you know, people, people thinking "Oh their nothing", and NOW they are, they never were nothing, but their proving they're something, their worth something and that they have creativity, and they have willpower and drive and are people just like us.
It was also neat getting to just see the villages and the people there, you know, it wasn't a culture shock just because it was like where my mom's from Honduras and other third world countries the way they live but it was definitely a reminder of how much people don't have, and even though they have anything, they're still happy they're still appreciative, and I was like you know "why, how can these people be happy and look forward to each day when they don't have anything, they don't have a whole lot to do, they have their jobs and stuff?" but I realize like, they, because they don't have very much they have each other they very much, they interact with each other and I think that's so important to keep in mind is being aware of the people around you and what you can learn from them and gain in the relationships with them and friendships, that's important, cause that's what some people have is their families and their communities. So it was just neat to see, just it was beautiful there, the people are beautiful, it was just awesome to get to do. So, I'm sorry I need to keep this short, AHHHH I keep making these too long but I know if I get it over 10 minutes it will cut off, I wish I could explain more, but what I would love to do is have like a ustream chat, or something where you guys can ask questions and I could explain more to you guys, so I'll try and set that up sometime for next week cause I think that would be awesome, just cause I wanna share more with you guys, but my brain doesn't work so when I see the questions you ask it'll trigger oh yes and I can explain it more to you guys, but thank you again so much for the fans all that you done all the money you raised it's just AWESOME and it's AMAZING, and I can't thank you enough, and I hope some of you will even get a chance to go volunteer at Rising Star Outreach and see these kids cause they just have pure hearts and their just, they don't judge, they just, they don't judge you for your status in life, or anything they just care about the spirit that you carry, and It's AWESOME! So, um ha, anyway I'll get going be with my family, it's nice to be back in the U.S., to be with my family, sorry there's this Japanese thing from my sister's hanging on the wall lol but anyway no, I'll talk to you guys later, and um CIAO! :)

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