@HHG Zizek refers to this liberal strategy of 'painless transition' as 'decaffeinated revolutionaries'. Seems frivolous yet well meaning, like a lot of bad science.

To think that we are going to get from here to anywhere approaching sustainable or equitable without fire and blood seems a lot like wishful thinking to me.

Is your aim to redraw the lines of oppression and tyranny or to erase them?

How would you describe the institution and practice of social stratification? By what means do you suggest access to power will be divested from established regimes?

Have you read any of Ghandi's texts? In particular, are you familiar with his views on non-violent resistance?

Do you mean to suggest a 'humane form of capitalism' might be envisioned which might somehow mediate or remedy the problematic byproducts of capitalism - e.g., exploitation, hegemony, debasement, raping the planet, etc?

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