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25th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

[Trans] [YJP (YoonJaePetch) Announcement]

Hello~ This is YoonJae Petch.

Ever since 2004, for more than 7 years, today would be the last day for us to operate as YoonJae Petch.
During the last 2 years, we operated languishly,
And now, we had this Difficult conclusion/decision.
Although the Homepage won't be operating,
in the meantime, have the last day of fun and enjoyable memories and drop by the YoonJae bulletin board. (of course, only for members)

We're going to close~(I) Won't be able to sleep~

Also,from the bottom of my personal thoughts
Read if you want to, if not I won't mind even if you skip it.

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