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7th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

My response to criticizers within the truth movement who fear every opinion that violates their own. -- 9/11 #Sept11

@Jon Gold

Indeed, it's extremely important to support whistleblowers like Sibel Edmonds the best we can. I tried to do this for a long time with my W911 Twitter account, followed by many independent minds. Many people, whistleblowers and 'ordinary' people like you and me ;) are doing great works by pushing the info forwards to the public.


What I don't like and consider as very harmful is the way some truthers are emphasizing everything that deviates from a certain patron of thinking. The way how e.g. 911Blogger treated people who dared to differ with the 911Blogger opinion/doctrine on the Pentagon attack is just revolting. It's worse than the think police known from MSM. I personally quitted with 911Blogger because they lacked the decency to inform their own contributors why they refused their contributions on so many issues. There seems only one way to go and no feedback at all.

By insulting and belittling respectable figures like Barry Zwicker, David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage (before he became cautious due to the internal blast within the movement) and many others within the truth movement, 911Blogger and some other blogs are just burying those who are tributary to the tremendous success and indispensable for the movement. And why?

Just because they differ from the official statement that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon? By doing this, 911Blogger is also underlining the strange assumption that people within the truthmovement are stupid or worse. I saw the scandalous remarks on Barry Zwicker, could not belief my eyes! I saw really bad taste. Besides, much of the debunking on differing Pentagon explanations I consider as tendentious, insulting, accusative and just not studiously.

This is the most destructive policy I can imagine! It just proves how paranoid people can be who disagrees with MSM and the powers that be!

The 911 Truth Movement is becoming such a huge community, it's inevitable that on most complicated subjects different opinions will rise. That's not bad, that's only a product of independent thinking and natural diversion. You can not fight that!

Far more important than all differences is the fact that most truthers agree over a number of very convincing facts. Making spearheads from those facts is enough to blow a destroying whole in the government lies about 9/11.

Just be more relaxed on those issues that generates more than one option or opinion. Even with the Pentagon attack there is a common conviction that the government explanation simply can not be valid. This conviction can be made credible with lots of data and arguments, without proving what exactly happened. Proving government lies is easier, more reliable and more important than proving what exactly occured on that terrible day.

Another common ground on this very subject is that in each opinion about the Pentagon there are still many questions or other weaknesses. Focusing on differences is just an exhibition of uncertainty which is unnecessary for such a huge ad hoc movement.

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