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31st Dec 2010 from Twitlonger

@Verizon @shell @dominos @PGNewsUK @PGNewsUS Are you are proud to sponsor a tv channel that intended to air a program so vile, despicable, immoral, inhuman, indecent like “Michael Jackson’s Autopsy”? What if it were a loved one from you? Do not think about Michael's children, and what the program can provoke them? Do not think that every human being deserves justice? If you sponsor this, then you should be seen as equal to discovery channel and yours products are not worth it. I will have to boycott yours products also (Many of them I use constantly. Do not forget that my country is your market too... As well I can fulfill) Exactly like I'll do with the channel if despite our request, to our petitions decide to transmit the program. I will block the channel (I must say TV channels) with the parental control, not even by mistake tune.

So PLEASE DO NOT PERMIT IT. NOT FAIR. It's not human, not decent... Do not be part of it.

Thank you by advance.

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I co-signed the letter content-MJ Estate: Discovery Channel Is ‘Debased, Sick’
Yo suscribo el contenido de la carta – Estate de MJ: Discovery Channel son “Envilecidos, enfermos”

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