A large collaborative effort in underway across the globe and many MJ sites, and MANY “VindicateMJ” organizations are all striving together in the defense of Michael Jackson. It is a movement of MJ’s Global family all focusing on an issue that should UNITE us all. MJJJusticeProject is just a little part of it and We urge you to get involved, as well. The time has come for each and every one of us to Hold Hands in this effort against Discovery. Spread this message WORLDWIDE.

First Sign the PetitionS 

The MJChildren Foundation

 1ST http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/againstdiscovery/ 2ND

A second petition has been drawn up because the first had caused some consternation for some non-facebook signees. You simply have to register to facebook to sign the 1ST petition. If you cannot access it - please sign the 2ND petition. Better yet.. SIGN BOTH!!

Furthermore, It's CRITICAL that you still write the letters.

Our part –MJJJusticeProject - this letter writing campaign that is separate but supports the MJChildren Foundation initiative. Please write your letters and your emails send them off individually to the address below, but please it is CRITICAL that you ALSO send us a copy to mjj@innocent.com 

We feel that a mass mailing will drive home the point that we are all in this Collectively, as MJ’s family, we consider him our brother and are protesting this continued dehumanization of him. MJJJusticeProject believes this DiscoveryUK program issue does NOT have anything to do with whether or not you support MJ music, or whether or not you are boycotting Sony, or whether or not you’re a believer in the hoax, or whether or not you are pissed off at the hoax forums. Whether or not you agree with someone’s philosophy regarding other issues swirling around MJ should not stop you from supporting an initiative like this.

Below are the facts, as we know them and simple measures to take.

Discovery Update: Autopsy Re-enactment scheduled Discovery UK January 13, 14, 16, 17, 2011. 

The Estate has recently advised that their team of lawyers after discussions with UK lawyers regarding the autopsy program, were told there were insufficient legal grounds to stop Discovery's programs from going ahead. The situation is still being monitored. In light of the above, the global effort to accelerate emails, calls and letter writing to Discovery is now critical.

1: ******WRITE******

Nicolas Bonard, 
Senior Vice President

Discovery Enterprises International Discovery Networks Europe /Oprah Winfrey Network 
Chiswick Park Building
566 Chiswick High Road

W4 5YB


David Zaslav
 Pres. & CEO 
Discovery Communications

1 Discovery Place

Silver Spring


 Dr. Hunter who will perform the mock MJ autopsy

Michael D. Hunter, M.D.
Frankford Avenue

Panama City, Florida 32405



david_zaslav@discovery.com Absolute head of Discovery.
President and CEO

 Nicolas_Bonard@discovery-europe.com 2nd in command & Senior Vice President of Discovery Europe

Lucy Radcliffe is the assistant to Nicolas Bonard. 

Mark Holilinger is president of Discovery Networks International.

http://corporate.discovery.com/contact/viewer-relations Discovery's Viewer

Relation in-house complaints area.

This is Doctor Hunter's email. He will performing the mock-autopsy.

Viewer Relations at Discovery: From US: 571 262 4899 From UK: 001 571 262 4899 There is a restricted time allowed for your message, so please write a concise statement that you can read within the time afforded.

Mr. Bonard's assistant Lucy Radcliffe has a direct phone line.
From US call : 011 44 208 811 3033
From UK call : 0208 811 3033

3: **********BLOCK ************

Discovery channel from your cable lineup. THIS IS CRUCIAL to the success of this endeavor -- >http://t.co/GOXyhLN

Finally, as stated previously, the Estate has no legal recourse against the program but perhaps the Los Angeles District Attorney might be able to speak to UK authorities and request them to intervene.


This is the site of the Los Angeles District Attorney -> 
leave a message here and also to the webmail below.

The site says that they will not discuss any impending criminal case with anyone, and rightly so. However, that doesn’t mean WE cannot communicate with them regarding this DiscoveryUK program, it’s possible airing on youtube in the United States and how it may prejudice the pending of Dr. Conrad Murray. 
Please use their webmail address. webmail@da.lacounty.gov 

****** (Just an example of what we wrote)**************

***********. PLEASE WRITE YOUR OWN ***********

Dear LA District Attorney –

A press release from DiscoveryUK announced that they will air a re-enactment of Michael Jackson's autopsy and they will also include police notes, and investigative findings. There will be a panel of physicians including one that served, they claim, as MJ's longtime physician. It is not clear that the conclusions they reach will be the same that the Los Angeles DA’s forensic doctors have reached. Once this program airs overseas, within in a matter of hours it will be aired on Youtube and most likely go viral. There will be no way to stop millions more from viewing this possibly prejudicial program. Since the trial of Dr. Murray is pending I am concerned that the airing of this program will give his defense team a foothold to claim that the jury pool is tainted. The Estate will be unable to sway DiscoveryUK not to air as they have no legal standing in the UK. I understand your office may also have no legal rights outside the US but perhaps a courtesy from the UK authorities could be obtained and they could have this program cancelled on your behalf. 

WE are MJ's GLOBAL family and with a UNITED voice we have a power to persuade but we must come together!! Spread this information as quickly
as you can to every forum, blog, facebook friends, myspace pal.. etcc....

Time is of the Essence

On behalf of the many organizations that Honor, Defend and wish to VindicateMJ who are actively and aggressively pushing this endeavor 

 - Thanks you

The Time for Justice for MJ is NOW!

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