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HOLIDAY GADGET SWARM WEEK IV: Samsung Galaxy 5 Contest

Korean culture is now all around, from dramas to music, and fashion, or simply everything. Without a doubt, they really have invaded not just the Philippines but the whole world as well.

Filipinos have been huge fans of Koreanovelas ever since. There are “Jewel in the Palace,” “Jumong,” “Queen Seon Deok,””Boys Over Flower” and a lot more. To say it honestly, my family had a marathon of many Koreanovelas already. There really is something about their programs, which leave huge impact on our lives and make us always look for more.

You can hear Korean songs nearly everywhere. But have you ever wondered how all this K-Pop craziness started? Me too. Though I am not sure, I believe that the breakout started from Wonder Girl’s “Nobody,” which no one could deny that really has become a huge hit. We even used to follow the dance steps of this upbeat dance song. 2ne1 is also there, where the so famous Pambansang Krung-Krung is a member – Sandara Park. I do think myself that even those Korean bands that are just starting with their careers already have their name on the Philippine screen. A bunch of concerts and mall shows have already been done, like Super Junior who just then confirmed that they will return next year for their Super Show 3. A few more to mention are U-Kiss, Rain, F.T. Island, Jay Park, and 4Minute. K-Pop fever is unstoppable, their fans are very supportive. Every single becomes a huge hit. And I am amazed that some can sing along to their songs, to consider that Korean is not an official language here in the Philippines.

And there goes the fashion. You can easily find Korean salons in our country these days. You can see lots of Filipino people with Korean hairstyles nowadays. I also believe that even our very own Pinoy Pop group XLR8 is also influenced by Korean style and culture. I even remembered that when I first saw them on TV, I thought that they were a new K-Pop band, but then I was surprised when they suddenly sang Filipino lines.

So now all of us can conclude that Korean culture is already a big part of our living. To be honest, at first I was against about everything turning Korean. I was like, “they don’t even understand that.” But now I’ve become used to it. Each time my friends would talk or sing something Korean, it already feels normal. I even find myself attracted to some K-Pop songs like Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry – Answer,” Girls’ Generation’s “Run Devil Run” and U-Kiss’ “Bingeul Bingeul.”

I can now say that even though you don’t like hate, you must accept. Those dramas, music, and even fashion are already part of us and no one could deny and disagree. Korean fever is everywhere, and there is no official cure to it.

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