Ask any physician what the predominant component of an arterial clog is and the chances are extremely high they won't know the answer. The 1994 Lancet, 1992 Eicosanoids & the 2001 Annals of Biochemistry all stated the very same thing: Arterial plaque is formed from adulterated Omega-6 polyunsaturated oils: the oils in your supermarket cooking oil section! NOT cholesterol or saturated fat!

The Lancet article report investigating the components of arterial plaques found that in an aortic artery clog there are over ten different compounds in arterial plaque, but NO saturated fat. This means that the bacon, eggs, cheese, steak, whipped cream, etc. that the media, the medical community and the food processing industry have been telling you for many years are bad for your health are NOT the reason for a clogged artery.

These natural saturated fats are actually good for you. You need them for body structure and to make up your cells bi-lipid membranes that control the flow of oxygen, nutrients & wastes that go into and out of your cells. These essential fats are critical for the health and proper conditioning of your body's 100 trillion cells.

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