My Full View on Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey:
Like Shweta said rightly, This movie deserves 2 b seen, deserves 2 b heard & all those young little patriots deserve 2 b saluted.

Coming 2 actual dissection part - 1half of d movie was toomuch dragged & yet failed 2 register characters in audience minds as they lack a serious dimension.

Like always, I have a serious problem w/ d DEAD pace story telling of AShutosh. B it Lagaan, Jodha r KHJJS, it never improved.

2nd half of d movie went so hurriedly, not giving enough time 2 d audience in digesting d deep hearted emotions. Due 2 this Audience miss d Goosebump feeling which they r supposed 2 get during d Pre-climax & climax.

D other biggest drawback - Poor, Pale, Insipid & Immaturedly done music & RR. 1/2 of d mood gets spoiled actually by bad RR. It never pauses where it needs to & never goes 2 HIGh when it very much needed.

Coming 2 performances - Usually expressionless Deepika & Sikhander Kher (known in south as VISAKHA) did a great job when compared 2 d Protagonist himself.

But seriously, d mistake can b attributed 2 d writing dept who failed miserably in creating a definite LINE & LENGTH (vrymuch required 2 register a role w/ audience) 2 d protagonist's character.

DOP is greatly done. At no point u feel like DOP dominated d essence of scene. Thats d greatest essential achievement 2 any DOP.

Art work was so convincingly done. No point it transports d Viewer out of d period.

Now a days, things are too bad dat v were actually forced to praise PPL for particularly not-spoiling things. This comment applies to all the Rest of d crafts.

EDITING - cud have been better & scene transformations actually need a RE-check.

Well, Over all, I give 3.5 on 5; as d effort deserves all appreciations. If v Stop doing dat, v hav 2 live w/ BAD r even worse CINEMA.

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