Here's the marital-themed acrostic poem of mine (1996) that Alison Statton referenced (I'm reasonably sure) in "Unspoken Word" on "The Shady Tree" (extra points if you identify the acrostic word formed from the first letters of the lines): "DAY WILL COME//Day will come, I know, when we see clear through. Each other’s faults, though still there, will fade, uhhh fade. Away with false expectations, selfish needs, projected we have. To complete ourselves in the bed chamber, daily habits of a compliant partner. Having no desire to extinguish, relinquish, her himself, no matter how deeply, how completely devoted, determined. Willing to make mid-life course corrections to please who, this other. In lieu of major character surgery, protecting what renders one, engenders one. Special, and worthy of your love dear. However much it may also drive you insane, you think. Hastening the day, what day, when death do us part."

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