#IranElection JOIN http://doost.status.net BEFORE #22Khordad in case of TwitterFail


Go to http://doost.status.net to register a new account.
You will get an email from Doost, & must click the link to confirm
Set up your user details and preferences via the "Account" page tags:
Profile - Avatar - Password - E-mail - Design - Other - OpenID

- remove location / prevent it showing on posts under Profile

Link to your Twitter Account via the "Connect" page on the Twitter tab (if you change Twitter password you have to re-set this)

- You can choose to send all posts to Twitter

- Add yourself to the iranelection group - click the "Group" tab, then "Add"

- Visit the group by clicking its name, then click on the "Members" tab and you can subscribe to all iranelection group members

- To post to iranelection group timeline on Doost AND to Twitter use the hashtag !iranelection. In your Twitter post this shows as #iranelection.

You can send private messages to other Doost users while on Doost. They do not go to your Twitter DM inbox.

Please be patient when signing up, allow yourself some time to find your way around and get familiar with the very easy system.

I hope we won't have to use Doost, but so far this week alone there have been 4 or 5 separate instances of Twitter being "over capacity" so think of this as taking out a little insurance that will allow us to keep the flow of information going for Iran.

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