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19th May 2010 from Twitlonger

The intention was to buy a nice sports jacket or blazer. I came away with 3 very nice pots (one with a cover).

On my walk back I stopped into the Honda motorcyle dealership. I met one of the partners, an older man. We exchanged stories, not least about the veneralbe S-90 ... my first bike, which I had brough to his establishment for tune-up from time to time ... back when ... 1969.
No, I didn't buy a bike. Though I'm shopping. (Is it the Black Hawk? 650? Yaa, that one.)

Then the book store. Used books, of course.
4 volume "Great Thinkers" collection ... hard-cover; slip-case.

And ... this came up in course of our long peregrinating conversation ... "An End to Evil", by the equally callow David Frum, with the (imagine upside down, hanging from beam) vampire himself: Richard Perle.

I should also mention Klavan's "Empire of Lies", because I did in-deed buy it (from the same stack). But ... at least for the moment ... less said about him/it the better.

Finally ... no, not 26 of Cattos, but almost: St Remy. Which is going to be my company as I read through "Great Thinkers", and to cleanse my palette after Frum <i>et al</i>.

happy 56th, 'Bear!

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