I have just been informed that an email had been leaked that contained a quote from me.I had been asked recently (by several people )about my visit to the recent BOLA tournament by PWG.When asked I told everyone the same.I preceded to tell them how incredibly hard everyone worked and how much I enjoyed the show.I was asked the same question by everyone.One that was asked universally was "Anything that stood out".I answered that the only problem is that there are too many great bouts and I don't envy any of the talent because everything was so good and trying to top it must be really difficult.I made mention to several people and several on the BOLA show who asked for advise , that one thing I noticed was that they could of grabbed people's attention with the quality of their collar and elbow tie up (lock ups).I preceded to show several talent who asked a few ways to help.This information has been used by other people to explain ideas to talent they are working with and some of it appeared in today's leaked email.This long winded note is just my way of explaining that I don't want this taking out of context and people assuming I was in any way criticizing the quality and hard work of the talent.Its a general observation that I always talk to people about as I believe the first lock up is the most important tool you have to grab the attention of your audience.

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