To all my TAMIL & NON-TAMIL friends who think that protests going on in Tamilnadu, asking for removal of ban on #Jallikattu, is just a Tamilian issue or just an issue related to a regional sport/tradition, which has been in practice for a long time:

Before going into details of #Jallikattu i would like to throw some light on bull related issues in other parts of the country so that you would actually understand that this is not just a local issue:

Current situation in GUJARAT:
"The state government has decided to import from Brazil 10,000 doses of Gir bull semen as the cow population of this prestigious breed has declined in Gujarat.
Interestingly, the bulls whose semen are to be imported are descendants of those gifted to Brazil as a goodwill gesture by the maharaja of Bhavnagar before Independence.”

Situation In KERALA:
“Vechur Cows contaminated with Jersey and Swiss Brown” because of cross breeding.

Situation in PUNJAB:
Punjab team to visit Brazil to study Indian cows

Deoni breed cattle of MAHARASHTRA and KARNATAKA in verge of extinction:

And i can state many such reports to point out that it is a pan India problem.

Now lets come to #Jallikattu,

This tradition has been in practice right through the Indus Valley Civilisation:

Understand the advantage of A2 milk(produced by our native Indian breed cows) over A1 milk(produced by foreign Jersey cows and other cross breed cows with foreign bull’s semen):

Why play with Bull? Jobless people, aren’t they(we)?
Since only a cow can give milk, obviously every farmer will prefer to have a cow rather than a bull. Wait, now you might ask, bulls can be use for plowing and pulling cart. But unfortunately castrated bulls(i,e., Ox) only are used for plowing and pulling cart because they are easy to control. With the invention tractors and transport vehicles even the prospect of plowing and pulling cart has diminished, even if the farmer somehow manages to control the bull.
So with no use of having a bull at home, why would the farmer feed and grow a bull?So to make some sense of having a bull at home, sports like #Jallikattu, cattle race, etc with cash prices, were introduced. So to prepare the bull for the sport, the farmer takes good care of the bull for the entire year. Byproduct of this is healthy breeding, since only these healthy bulls are used for breeding.

Okay fine, now why hurt bulls in the name of sport?
Before you jump into any conclusion, please read the rules of #Jallikattu,
If at any point of time, a BULL(not the Man playing) is hurt during the event, the event will be called off.
Note: There are instances where some malpractices(liquor, chilli powder etc.,) took place. We strongly condemn it. After 2008 new govt regulations, every #Jallikattu is conducted in the presence of the district collector and animal welfare board members after receiving a complete health report of the bull from the govt veterinary doctor and medical certificate of the ppl participating in it.

Hmmm, this seems fine. Why ban #jallikattu then?
Our diary market is bigger than that of even our sugar market. A country with 1.2 billion ppl in which more than 50% of ppl are vegetarians have to rely heavily on milk for protein.
Western countries sensed the market opportunities in India. Remember that US held the patent rights over Turmeric and pepper? http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/patents-india-wins-a-victory-over-turmeric-but-the-war-is-on/1/277014.html
Yes this is what exactly they are upto. They want the country with such a huge population to be dependent on them for milk. But patenting milk is now impossible, what next? They came with well crafted idea of mass genocide(yes i call this a genocide.) of Indian breeds. The only way to destroy indian breed cows is to stop indigenous cow breeding. To stop this they wanted the desi bulls to go extinct.

They came up with two ideas,
1. One easy way to do this is strip all the uses of desi bulls from the farmers. Slowly but eventually the farmer has to dump the bulls as he can’t afford to feed them without any economical use. India’s 68% of native breed bulls are with the small farmers who can’t economically afford to feed them without any use.

2. They lured the farmers with their jersey cows which gives large yield of milk(but of A1 type). Once the jersey cows fully replaces our native breed, we will be fully dependent on the western countries to get the jersey bulls semen for artificial insemination. Now they can dictate terms. They can set the price for semen. We will be now left at their mercy. We too without thinking twice accepted this offer in the name of WHITE REVOLUTION.

Not just capturing dairy market, medical problems caused by the A1 milk will make us even more dependent on their pharmaceutical industries as well. So they have another economical opportunity.


I tried my best in this post to make some sense as to why traditional cultural activities such as #Jallikattu shouldn’t be banned.

Please share this message. Help this message to reach all parts of India. Again, don’t see this as a regional(TAMILIAN) issue.

#SaveJallikattu #NotJustForTamilnadu

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