Mrs. Grimes · @iHeartMiko

14th Nov 2016 from Tweetlogix

This team doesnt care about u racist a** fans that think because these guys play football they shouldnt take a stand against oppression, racism, religious hate and bigotry. U want him to "focus on football" well how bout u guys get off the internet and "focus on football" ??? Get your asses in the seats! Every week its the same sh*t! A bunch of empt seats with DEAD bucs fans OR the lower level FILLED with loud opposing fans. Hope u guys enjoy getting your money back for your tickets sold to opposing fan bases. I cant believe this many people care more about a man's RIGHTS and thinks he shouldnt exercise his rights because FANS dont like it. I saw a comment where somebody said he'd change his tune once he filed his taxes. How dumb! U think everyone that benefits from a tax break will ignore the FACT that this country elected someone that said he grabs women by the pu**y whenever he wants? U think they should ignore the fact that he said Mexicans are rapists, or that muslims are terrorists? How incredibly disrespectful! How bout u guys become real fans and STFU and cheer for your team? That rarely happens at Raymond James, trust me, i know. Ive been coming to this stadium since 2009 and nothing has chanced. A DEAD CROWD! "when we run out of the tunnel while being announced it feels like a funeral. no one is cheering" Thats what your players say about u "fans". I get yelled at and told to sit down when its 3rd down so i guess i shouldnt be surprised that not only are u guys a horrible fanbase at home games but also on social media. The Bucs won their FIRST HOME GAME TODAY and the fans left before the game was over. U guys wanted to beat the traffic rush? Embarrassing! The bears lost and their fans stayed the whole damn game! Telling Mike he shouldnt sit during the anthem is the same as telling someone they shouldnt get a license to carry a firearm bc one of your family members was shot by a stranger. See how stupid that sounds? It none of your f***ing business why someone chooses to sit, ITS THEIR RIGHT! How bout u guys stop being racist a**holes and cheer for your team? EVERY AMERICAN HAS RIGHTS, EVEN FOOTBALL PLAYERS! https://twitter.com/JoeBucsFan/status/797962517142081536

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