Good heavens, here's what the Chairman of UKIP says about Stephen Woolf.

"I don't see how anyone can defend people that threaten to shoot the NEC (reported in the press because I leaked it to the NEC and Beecher leaked it to the press) or how anyone can defend someone who picks a fight with a Marine, while turning up pissed to UKIP meetings, turning up pissed to work and getting sacked for it in 2012, failing to campaign in the GLA election in 2012, not getting his papers in, having criminal convictions, etc. Or how someone can defend Kassam, who slanders everyone who isn't a raving lunatic. Good thing is that the NEC won't let Kassam stand. Or how anyone can defend Cottrell, who was arrested on 21 counts of extortion, drug dealing, etc... Or how anyone can defend Banks for attacking Carswell for supposedly being autistic, claiming that I suck Hamilton's cock, claiming that Soutter sucks Hamilton's cock, and destroying the character of NEC members, branch chairmen, AMs, MEPs, etc. I can't blame anyone for despising Kassam, Banks, and Woolfe. I proudly support Hamilton and the NEC. Hopefully the NEC suspends Woolfe for starting the fight."

Surely chairmen of UKIP shouldn't talk like this.

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