I would like to let people know about #WWECWC competitor Kenneth Johnson.I met Kenneth for the first time when he was an extra talent for WWE.I spoke to Kenneth and apart from finding out that he was a polite,hard working man,he had a serious speech impediment.We talked about promos and he told me it was a thing that was obviously very difficult for him.I met Kenneth after several months when he was at a WWE show again.He asked me if he could show me a promo and could I help him with some advice.Kenneth proceeded to cut a three minute promo without any problems.My friend Daniel Bryan said on this weeks CWC that Kenneth was told to fix his problem.That wasn't correct information as I obviously hasn't explained the story properly to DB.Kenneth practiced in his own time for no other reason than he wanted to better himself.Kenneth now barely has any of his former problems.He achieved greatness and know one can ever take that away from him and he has become a hero of mine.Now,if Kenneth can work so hard to be able to be a decent promo person,what's anyone else's excuse?

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